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Kindergarten Teachers' Feminization and Marginalized Social Status
Abstract:Kindergarten teachers are the occupational group composed by absolute proportion of women, in analyzing the influencing factors of their social status....
Typical Analysis on the Marxist Women's Emancipation in China
Abstract:In the opinions of some researchers on the Marxist Women's Emancipation in China, the pursuit of the revolutions in class relationship and producti...
National Identity, Olympic Victory and Chinese Sportswomen in the Global Era
Abstract:China's integration into the Olympic movement is a product of globalization. After China opened its door to the outsiders in the late 1970s, global...
The "Long March" of Women and Sport in Mainland China: Revolution, Resistance and Resilience
Abstract:What factors have contributed to the success of Chinese female athletes? How has the national identity of China been constructed through the pursuit of...
The Patron Belief and the Elderly Healthy Living of Bai Nationality
Abstract:Patron belief is unique religious of Bai nationality of China. It is not only the needs of the Bai people's religious life, it also works with the ...
On Family Policies of the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan
Abstract:Based on published materials from the United Nations and information posted on internet from governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan, this...
Studies on Chinese Women in France
Abstract:This article outlines the studies on Chinese women in France in the past more than one hundred years. It pays attention to the changing images of Chine...
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Blue Book of Women's Life 2014 Released in Beijing
Summary:The Blue Book of Women's Life: Annual Report on Chinese Women's State of Life No. 8 (2014) was jointly compiled by Women of China Media, Huakun Women's Life Survey Center and Huakun Women's Consumption Guidance Center.
74.7% of Centenarians in Shanghai Are Women
Summary:According to the Information Report on Shanghai Ageing Population and Ageing Issues Development (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), in 2013, the number of centenarians in every 100,000 people in Shanghai has increased from 8.8 in 2012 to 9.8 in 2013, as reported by on April 11, 2014.
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