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Women and Folk Songs: Bicultural Symbolism in the Novels of Yemei
Abstract:Among minority group women writers, Yemei observes in a unique way and writes about Tujia women. She set the template for the fortune of the women char...
Policy of Protecting Women's Employment Needs Improving
Abstract:According to Chinese law, employed women in the period of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation cannot be fired by employers, but similar protections for...
A Study of Family Education Support Policies in France, the United States and Japan
Abstract:Even though in some countries, where there was little activity in the field long ago, now NGOs have done a lot of work on the support of family educati...
Applying Reasonable Reliance Protection to Marital Relations
Abstract:Marriage which is based on the marriage parties’mutual positive trust is a form of gender integration for man and woman which aims for a permanent rel...
Research on the Relationships between the Fundamental Principles of Marital Property Law
Abstract:Marital property law is to regulate relationships between marital property relations according to the legal system. To research marital property relati...
Transition of Social Roles and Functions of Chinese Women Through a Study of Women's Images in Fine Art in the 20th Century
Abstract:Based on female characters in 20th- century art works, this paper evaluates the changing role of Chinese women in this phase of history and society. Us...
Looking at the Absence and Issues of Gender Evaluation Mechanisms in Public Policy from the Perspective of the “Couples to Have a Second Baby if Either is an Only Child” Policy
Abstract:The “Couples to have a second baby if either is an only child” policy is an important turning point of the basic national “family planning” policy,...
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Report: China Sees Surging Number of Elderly 'Empty Nesters'
Summary:The number of the elderly 'empty nesters' (elderly people whose children have left home) in China account for half of the total elderly population, and is expected to break 70 percent in the future.
Anti-Domestic Violence against Women Forum Held in Beijing
Summary:An Anti-Domestic Violence against Women Forum, co-sponsored by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was held in Beijing on September 28th, 2014.
Studies on Chinese Women and Social Gender from 1987 to 2003
Summary:Selected representative studies of Chinese women and social practice of gender conducted by domestic and foreign scholars in various times and fields since the middle of 1980s.
The Family Status of Chinese Women
Summary:The aims to showcase the differences and similarities of family structures and relationship among Chinese women from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong by analysis of the interrelationships between cultural homogeny and heterogeneity of social institutions in a resource-criterion framework.
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