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Research on the Relationships between the Fundamental Principles of Marital Property Law
Abstract:Marital property law is to regulate relationships between marital property relations according to the legal system. To research marital property relati...
Transition of Social Roles and Functions of Chinese Women Through a Study of Women's Images in Fine Art in the 20th Century
Abstract:Based on female characters in 20th- century art works, this paper evaluates the changing role of Chinese women in this phase of history and society. Us...
Looking at the Absence and Issues of Gender Evaluation Mechanisms in Public Policy from the Perspective of the “Couples to Have a Second Baby if Either is an Only Child” Policy
Abstract:The “Couples to have a second baby if either is an only child” policy is an important turning point of the basic national “family planning” policy,...
Research into Gender Relations in a Utopia HE Zhangrong
Abstract:This paper focuses mainly on discussion of different opinions toward gender relations in a possible Utopia. These opinions include those of Eastern and...
A Study of Linguistic Problems in the Women's Laws and Regulations
Abstract:Legislative language can accurately express the intent and purpose of laws and regulations. Anomie impacts on laws’ effective implementation. From a l...
Time and Memory: Narrative Puzzle of Mother's Falls in Who is Mr Satoshi?
Abstract:Fictional narratives are dependent upon time, but modern fiction usually deliberately deviates from linear time order to rearrange events in the narrat...
China’s Economy and Hukou: How About Rural Women?
Abstract:China’s leaders are convinced, that urbanization is the key tool on raising household income, increase consumption and put the economy on a sustainabl...
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Yale Women China 2014 Conference Held in Beijing
Summary:On August 16th, Reignwood Group hosted the annual Yale Women China 2014 Conference, a conference connecting Yale alumni and leading women entrepreneurs from across Asia.
Consciousness of Gender Equality Embodied by Nanjing Olympic Museum
Summary:The Nanjing Olympic Museum will be open to the public, where the consciousness of gender equality is embodied everywhere.
Investing in Women Peacebuilders Valuable: UN Women
Summary:Spending billions of dollars on projects that often predominantly benefit men after conflicts has to change.
China to Ban Fetus Sex Identification and Sex-Selective Abortions
Summary:China is going to severely crack down on identifying the sex of a fetus and sex-selective abortions, with exceptions for certain medical reasons.
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