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The Image of Zhaojun from the Viewpoint of Gender
Abstract:We review the images of Zhaojun from the viewpoint of gender, it's not difficult to find there has been a tendency toward different symbolism. Most of...
On Women's Occupational Colleges' Development with Characteristics
Abstract:In occupational education, development in a new stage of women's occupations colleges’administration characteristics are of great significance women'...
Spatial Distribution and Formation of Chastity Memorial Arches from Women's Cultural Perspectives
Abstract:The thesis chooses 296 chastity memorial arches to analyze. The study shows: the number in the North is far greater than in South China. Especially, t...
Family Education Research in Western Countries——Focusing on French Literature
Abstract:In Western countries, especially in Europe, compared with others fields of social science studies, the history of studies on practices in parenting is...
Analysis of the EU's Gender Equality Index
Abstract:The EU set up its Gender Equality Index in 2010, and published its result in 2013. The index is based on EU's gender equality theory, its basic treaty...
Construction of Elective Curriculum System of Female College Students in Sports and Art Education
Abstract:With the social development, women's cognitive ability and level will also continue to keep pace with the times. Combination of sports and arts traini...
Women's "Other" Status in Dunhuang Bianwen
Abstract:Dunhuang Bianwen has important thought value, and women's “other”status is also embodied in it. This is mostly manifested as: Women lack self-awaren...
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