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From Women's History to Gender History
Abstract:This article focuses on the evolution of historical writing about women since the mid-1970s, and stresses convergent trends in both Europe and the Unit...
Free Competition and Passive Choice: Modern Career Women in Perplexity
Abstract:Labor rights are important that concern the survival and development of women. Wide participation in social work is a must for women’s emancipation. T...
The Impact of University Experience on Students’ Employability
Abstract:In order to study the impact of experience gained at university on students’employability, the author of this paper conducted interviews and questionn...
Study on Sports as a Way of Developing Women’s Human Resources
Abstract:To develop women's human resources is an essential part of building a strong nation. It is believed that the development of women's human resou...
Reanalysis of the Reasons for the Princess' Difficulty to Marry in Mid and Late Tang Dynasty
Abstract:At the beginning of Tai He period, there were four princesses believe in Taoism together. The reason was not to pursue free and unrestrained life style...
Defects and Deficiencies in Thoughts on Modern Women's Liberation
Abstract:In modern women's liberation movement, there are theoretical defects and deficiencies in thoughts on women's liberation. There remains a typica...
Construction of Social Gender Culture in the Evolution of Chinese Ancient Women’s Name
Abstract:Denomination of Chinese Ancient women has a special development process. Gender culture in Pre-Qin Period was not established, women's appellation ...
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Guiyang to Hold Forum on Women's Responsibility
Summary:A forum on women's responsibility in the development of ecology is going to be held in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, on July 11.
HK to Revise Gender Discrimination Draft
Summary:The Hong Kong Government submitted the 2014 Draft on Gender Discrimination (Amendment) to the Legislative Council on June 25, to include service providers into the Regulations on Gender Discrimination and protect them from sexual harassment, Hong Kong-based newspaper Ming Pao reported.
UNICEF Holds the "Forum on Development and Protection of Girls"
Summary:The Forum on Development and Protection of Girls was organized by UNICEF in Beijing on June 3.
Expert: Integrate Gender Consciousness into Land Legislation
Summary:A scholar from Nanjing Audit University said that the government should integrate gender consciousness into land legislation, and enhance gender sensitivity for legislative departments and policy-making bodies so that lawmakers can predict the negative effects on women while the policies are still being drafted.
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