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On the Status of Women in the New-democratic Revolution Stage—Based on the Comparation of the Marriage and Family Law Between the CCP and CNP
Abstract:Both the Chinese Communist Party and the Nationalist Party had recognized the importance of improving the status of women in the new- democratic revol...
Changing Trend and Characteristics of Gender Differentials in Learning Time: China 1990-2010
Abstract:Using data from the 1990, 2000 and 2010 China Women Social Status Survey, this paper examines the changing trend and characteristics of daily time dev...
Cyclical Shifts in Mating Preferences: Three Perspectives
Abstract:Research shows women's preferences for masculine properties, such as body symmetry, healthy appearance, masculine faces, body scent and high creativit...
An Analysis on Women's Insurance in Theoretical Perspectives of Life Cycle
Abstract:Women increasingly play "half the sky" role in our society. Women's health and safety involve domestic happiness, and also benefit the social harmony....
An Analysis on Contribution of Tourism Industry to Regional Economy in Beijing City
Abstract:As one of the tertiary industry, the tourism industry has a significant effect on regional economy. Based on data of 2001- 2013 of Beijing, the paper ...
A Survey on Health Care of Rural Elderly and Suggestions on Perfection of Social Welfare Systems——Survey of Elderly Health Care in Three Communities in Yubei District in Chongqing Municipality
Abstract:Survey of elderly health care in three communities in Yubei district in Chongqing shows that several problems exist in rural elderly health care syste...
The Opportunities and Challenges of the Development of Women's Universities in the Process of the Higher Education's Transition
Abstract:With the further deepening of the reform of higher education, the government explicitly requests to guide a number of regular undergraduate institutio...
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