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On Nature of Temporary Couple among Migrant Workers and Its Solutions
Abstract:Nowadays a phenomenon that migrant workers make temporary couples appears in some coastal cities, which becomes more and more common. In spite of its s...
Research into the Development of Women‘s Social Organizations in Jiangsu Province
Abstract:With the deepening of social transformation and reform, the government is putting greater emphasis on public service. As a result, the social organizat...
Research into Marital Power Relations in Rural China from the Perspective of Regional Differences
Abstract:Based on the Third National Survey on the Social Status of Chinese Women, this study analyzes the basic situation and changes of marital power relation...
Gender Differences in Health Conditions among Chinese Population:Based on the Analysis of Findings from the Third Survey on Women's Social Status in China
Abstract:This paper examines gender differences in health outcomes among Chinese citizens in relation to self-reported health, mental health, and physical healt...
Life and Death, Very Closely Associated With Each Other——On Kawabata Yasunari's The Dancing Girl of Izu
Abstract:The Dancing Girl of Izu is the short story with which Kawabata made his debut as a writer. This story, which explores the dawning eroticism of young lo...
Courses for Female College Students——Taking the Body Shaping Course of ChinaWomen's University as an Example
Abstract:Body shaping courses have special value for female college students in terms of cultivating well-proportioned and graceful body and fine aesthetic appr...
Women's Situation in Field Study from Gender Perspective
Abstract:When a researcher begins his or her work, sources of information often try to allocate him or her an appropriate position. In the meantime, the researc...
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