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Research into Several Key Problems of the Cost of Family Violence in Australia
Abstract:Family violence, as a global social problem in every country in the world, brings serious harm to victims and society. In Australia, one of the earlies...
The Influence of Field Cognition Mode on Female University Students' Mental Rotation Ability
Abstract:Using 2×4 mixed experimental design, with composite letters as stimuli, cognitive style and rotation angle as variables, accuracy rate and reaction tim...
Dispelling the Myth of Family and Maternalism—On Views of Family and Maternity in Amy Yamada's Novels
Abstract:Amy Yamada's novels, which are full of rebellion against modern society, explore the non-kindred family, conjugal relations without love, and the p...
The Religious Dimension in Mansfield Park
Abstract:The religious dimension in Mansfield Park may be best appreciated by combining character analysis and discussion of the themes, and also by examining t...
Social Capital, Gender and Employment: Analysis of Gender Differences in Employment of College Students
Abstract:By examining the gender difference in job hunting of college graduates,this paper focus on the influence of social capital between male and female gra...
The Current Situation and Suggestions on Children's Sex Education Knowledge Structures of College Students Majored in Preschool Education
Abstract:Children's sex education lays the foundation of grown- ups’sexual behavior. This paper has analyzed the current situation of college preschool edu...
Evolution of Artistic Images of Saint Mary: A Cultural Interpretation
Abstract:Mary, in the gospels in the New Testament is a young virgin of innocence and kind- heartedness and a saintly mother, both loving and patient, not gifte...
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China Solicits Public Opinions on Law against Domestic Violence
Summary:The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council has publicized the Law of People's Republic of China against Domestic Violence (draft) to solicit advice from the public, according to a recent press release from the office.
Women Still Outnumbered in Senior Positions
Summary:Despite China having one of the highest rates of female employment in the world, only a small percentage of women work in senior positions, said a research report released in Shanghai on November 27.
Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of “Sex”
Summary:"Bodies That Matter" focuses on the materiality and performativity of body and gender. Butler introduces concepts of Sign and Reoccurrence. She offers a clarification of the notion of "performativity" introduced in Gender Trouble. Through the readings of Plato, Irigaray, Lacan, Freud and Derrida as well as the literature and movies of Willa Cather and Jennie Livingston, the book examines how the power of heterosexual hegemony forms the "matter" of body, sex, and gender.
Structured Females: Contemporary Gender Theory
Summary:This book is to understand gender issues from the perspective of gender.
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