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On the Correlation between Metaphoric English Competence and English Proficiency of English Majors
Abstract:To determine the current situation of metaphoric English competence of English majors and to explore the relationships between their metaphoric compet...
Secularization and Commercialization: Wrong Path and Correction of Women's Sports Entertainment Program
Abstract:The paper studies secularization and commercialization of the modern women's sports entertainment program and finds that sports entertainment programs...
Esteem and Human Relationships:Indigenized Approach to Building Professional Relationships in Social Work
Abstract:Establishing good trust relationships between social workers and service receivers is extremely important in social work intervention. It is also a ha...
Experimental Research into Cultivating the Habit of Doing Exercises of Female College Students
Abstract:While the number of female students exceeds the number of male students in colleges, cultivating exercise habits for women college students has become...
Research into Layered Moral Education Patterns of Sophomores in Women's Colleges
Abstract:omen's college students in different grades have different dominating needs. After struggles to adapt in grade one, in second grade they become more a...
Analysis of Bailuyuan from a Feminist Perspective
Abstract:Analysis of Bailuyuan from a feminist perspective, lacks care in males' female text: thinking women's views are inferior to men's views of women, fema...
Women's Curriculum Provisions in American Women's Colleges and Its Enlightenment
Abstract:Women's curricula are a series of courses provided by schools guided by women's concepts and educational theory, based on girls' developing mental and...
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