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A Study of Linguistic Problems in the Women's Laws and Regulations
Abstract:Legislative language can accurately express the intent and purpose of laws and regulations. Anomie impacts on laws’ effective implementation. From a l...
Time and Memory: Narrative Puzzle of Mother's Falls in Who is Mr Satoshi?
Abstract:Fictional narratives are dependent upon time, but modern fiction usually deliberately deviates from linear time order to rearrange events in the narrat...
China’s Economy and Hukou: How About Rural Women?
Abstract:China’s leaders are convinced, that urbanization is the key tool on raising household income, increase consumption and put the economy on a sustainabl...
“The Oldest Sons of the Republlic’s Industry” and Masculinities Reconstruction
Abstract:Masculinities of the Chinese working class are experiencing tremendous transition as a result of the interaction with various social forces including r...
On the Relationship among Children, Families and the State
Abstract:A child is an independent person first and foremost. For children, the most important task that parents, families, the state and society bear is to pro...
Trouble with Boys or Girls: A Reflection on Women’s Rights from the Problem of ‘Girls Performing Better than Boys’
Abstract:Over the last two years, the practice of differing admission scores and attracting male students and investments by females has become popular. Despite...
Existentialism in Literary Works by Wang Anyi
Abstract:Wang Anyi emphasizes on the presentation of her characters’living spirit. In all her feminism novels the most important feature is her understanding, ...
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Girl's Festival Forum Discusses Women's Development in Beijing
Summary:A forum was opened to discuss women's development in Beijing on August 1, to coincide with the traditional Chinese Girl's Festival.
'Being LGBT in Asia' China National Report Launched
Summary:The China national report of a participatory review and analysis of the legal and social environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and civil society was released in Beijing on August 13 by the United Nations Development Programme. This report is part of the Asia LGBT programme.
Naming Revolution Strives for Gender Equality in Anhui
Summary:A village in Anhui province is trying to stoke a "naming revolution" by offering a reward of 1,000 yuan ($162) to a family that gives its newborn the surname of its mother.
China Issues Report on China's Human Rights 2014
Summary:China Society for Human Rights Studies officially issued China's human rights blue book -- "Annual Report on China's Human Rights (2014)" earlier this month.
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