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Female Identity in Woolf's Novels
Abstract:There are three aspects of the female identity in Woolf's novels: to find the center among the women; don't get man's approval as a priority; to get r...
The Construction of Win-Win Relationship between the Disabled Persons' Federations and the Social Organizations of the Disabled
Abstract:The relationship construction between the disables social organizations and the disabled persons' federation (DPF), will not only provide opportunitie...
Study on Women, Marriage and State Institution from the Divorce Case between Zuo Run and Wang Yinsuo in Shensi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region in 1940s
Abstract:Following the lead of the divorce case between Zuo Run and Wang Yinsuo in 1942 in Shensi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region, this paper explores the relation...
The Subject Distribution Status Quo Analysis of the Female Talents in Social Science in China
Abstract:From the subject which female hosts of National Social Science Fund specialize in, females have strong advantages in culture, language, data informati...
The Debate on the Ontology of Gender Communication Studies
Abstract:Whether it is at home or abroad, there is a tendency among academia to regard "Gender Communication Studies", "Feminist Media Studies", and "Gender an...
Monitoring Report of the Values of Equality of Men and Women in the Chinese TV News Program -- Take Jiangsu New Space for Example
Abstract:Based on the monitor of Jiangsu New Space, a TV news program of Jiangsu province, we can see the disadvantages of Chinese TV news program on how to re...
Perceiving the Change in Black Family Ethic from the Evolutionary Connotations of Black Motherhood
Abstract:Because of the unique living experiences, black motherhood has special connotations different from that of the white middle- class nuclear family. Stu...
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