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Minor Guardianship’s Institutional Linkages and Functions
Abstract:The legal, marriage, family, agent and civil liability systems are interconnected, but the most direct and prominent correlation system is the legal ca...
Does the Hukou System have an Effect on Land Contracting after Rural Women Marry and Move into a Different Hukou Area?
Abstract:It can be argued based on my research that rural women are not treated unequally in the eyes of the national hukou legislation. However, the answer to ...
A Study on Major Issues Facing Left-Behind Women in Rural China
Abstract:With the influx of migrant workers to different cities across China, women left at home in rural areas bear almost all the responsibility of family lif...
On Connotational Development of Women’s Universities
Abstract:The connotational development mode focusing on inner qualities of schools put emphasis on development qualities of schools. Development of women's ...
From Women's History to Gender History
Abstract:This article focuses on the evolution of historical writing about women since the mid-1970s, and stresses convergent trends in both Europe and the Unit...
Free Competition and Passive Choice: Modern Career Women in Perplexity
Abstract:Labor rights are important that concern the survival and development of women. Wide participation in social work is a must for women’s emancipation. T...
The Impact of University Experience on Students’ Employability
Abstract:In order to study the impact of experience gained at university on students’employability, the author of this paper conducted interviews and questionn...
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Zero Domestic Violence Forum Held in Guangzhou
Summary:The summary Promotion Forum of the project "Family Happiness, Zero Violence" was held in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province on July 30.
Girl's Festival Forum Discusses Women's Development in Beijing
Summary:A forum was opened to discuss women's development in Beijing on August 1, to coincide with the traditional Chinese Girl's Festival.
Experts Appeal For Measures to Protect Female College Students from Sexual Harassment
Summary:A symposium, organized by the Chinese Women's Research Society, was held in Beijing on July 19, with the aim of calling for positive measures to be put in place to prevent female college students suffering from sexual harassment.
CWRS 2014 Gender Studies Session Held in Beijing
Summary:The 2014 Women / Gender Studies Session was held by the Chinese Women's Research Society (CWRS) in Beijing from July 28 to July 31.
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