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“the Other”Image in Ariyoshi Sawako’s Not Because of Color
Abstract:Not Because of Color is the first of Ariyoshi Sawako’s series of novels on social issues. By following four Japanese wartime brides’sufferings in th...
The Study of Foreign Women in China
Abstract:Those foreign women in China have become a bigger and bigger population and are worthwhile study. The history of foreign women in China can be dated b...
Knowing Foodbinding as a Site of Contestable Tensions
Abstract:My recent research with a colleague on Chinese footbinding drew out a question for me: why did contemporary critiques of footbinding heavily focus on ...
Study on Left-behind Children – Based on Empirical Investigation of the current situation among Left-behind Children in a County
Abstract:With the recent development of China's economy, a surplus of rural laborers has migrated to cities for work. Because of restrictions associated with t...
Difficulties and Measures for Women's Political Participation under the Femeninization of Villages
Abstract:With the acceleration of the trend of rural laborers shifting their work to non-agriculture, the feminization of the rural environment has evolved int...
Restrictions and Route Analysis for Expanding Rural People's Orderly Political Participation
Abstract:This paper analyzes the reasons for the low levels of political participation among rural populations. It finds that their political participation is ...
On the New Perception of the Mechanical Reproduction of Art
Abstract:With the movie becoming the main form of cultural transmission, art in the age of mechanical reproduction brings with it a new experience that has won...
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