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Gender Analysis of Marriage Problems of Unmarried Older Women in Urban Areas
Abstract:This paper analyzes the problems of these women from a gender perspective. Gender patterns in marriage and family institutions are explored. A theory ...
Education on Traditional Culture and Family Virtues Among Female College Students
Abstract:Playing distinct roles as elite female students to establish a good tradition in carrying forward traditional Chinese family virtues. Family virtues e...
Building a Socialist Parenting Legislation System with Chinese Characteristics
Abstract:The guardianship system is an important part of the civil law system in our country. With the development of society and reform, the traditional guard...
Rational Thinking on Balanced Development of Population and Women's Livelihoods
Abstract:Family planning is a basic national policy. Adhering to the basic policy can promote the development of a balanced gender population in a long term, i...
National Identity and Practice of Students from Zhounan Girls' School During the Anti-Japanese War Period
Abstract:Women's nationality is an good opportunity for female intellectuals to construct their own subjective identities, although it is advocated by elite ma...
On the Satisfaction of Rural Left-behind Women's Demand and the Construction of Community Service Mode -- Based on a Survey of Seven Provinces and One City
Abstract:To fulfill the demands of the left-behind women, we should mainly rely on the informal social resources including the family, relatives, and neighbors...
Women's Lifestyles during Social Transformation in Zhejiang Province
Abstract:According to the investigation of women's social status in the third phase in Zhejiang Province, the results from a survey of 2567 subjects selected i...
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