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Young Chinese Girls' Perception and Expectation towards Teen Magazines: A Content Analysis of Seventeen and Rayli Fashion Pioneer Magazines
Abstract:Since teen magazines emergence in the 1940s, it won great popularity in Western countries among young people as it provide useful information and advi...
A Questionnaire on Children's Gender Equality Education of Home Version in Beijing
Abstract:This study aimed to develop a questionnaire on children's gender equality education in Beijing. This consisted of reviewing literature from home and a...
Gender Consciousness of Leaders in Policy Decisions and Influencing Factors—Based on Hunan Province Data
Abstract:It is an important strategic measure in gender mainstreaming to strengthen the gender consciousness of leaders in policy decisions. The research finds...
On Marriage and Fertility Changes in Women Migrant Workers of Wa from a Public Management Perspective——Taking Laipian Village, Cangyuan County, Yunnan Province as an Example
Abstract:Compared to traditional marriage and fertility rates, the marriage and fertility rates of women migrant workers of the Wa people show new features in ...
An Analysis of Female students' 800 Meters Race in National Students' Fitness and Health Standard (Revised in 2014)
Abstract:The revised standard stipulates the compulsory assessment items for each grade students, including 800 meters for college girls, 1000 meters for colle...
On the Main Difficulties and Alternatives for Women Rights Guarantees in the Process of Public Security Law Enforcement——From the Perspective of Enactment of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law
Abstract:Imbalance between police and the people is detrimental to the protection of policewomen's rights to rest and health and other factors, and is also har...
Exploration of Training of High Level Professionals for Women's Social Work
Abstract:In a new era, the career development of women calls for a large number of high level professionals in women's social work. The Academic Degrees Commit...
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