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Industrialized social security services in communities——A perspective of diversified welfares
Abstract:The writer argues that by diversified welfares the industrialized social security services should observe the responsibility,objectives,incentive, pro...
Review on Stability of University Graduates' Employment in China and Other Countries
Abstract:This paper reviewed the concept, measuring methods, and macro and micro researches of employment stability. And then, researches in the fields of app...
Construction and Application of Evaluation Index System for Medical Insurance System
Abstract:effective evaluation of medical insurance is the key basis for its amendment and improvement. reference to empirical research.
The Interpretation about America against Domestic Violence Legislation and Implementation of Children in Guasha
Abstract:The Domestic Violence Law(Draft)provoked the debate on perfecting the law according to the child protection legislation in foreign countries. Based on...
From Text to Context: Rewriting English Literature
Abstract:The last decade of the 20 th century witnessed a second shift to the historically contextualized literary study in English-speaking countries. The adv...