• Resistance and Dilemma:Feminist Literary Criticism in ChinaAuthor:Chen Zhihong Press:2002-3This study investigates how feminist criticism was introduced to the mainland of China over the past 20 years and how it merged with local criticism. The author of this book Chen Zhihong is not concer...
  • Globalization and Theory TravelAuthor:Min Dongchao Press:Transnational Feminist Knowledge ProductionThis book mainly discusses the "flowing space" and "disappearing region". That is to say a reflection on the spatial and regional imagination in the process of globalization; whether translation is an...
  • Study on the Confucian View of WomenAuthor:Peng Hua Press:China Social Sciences PressThis book discusses the Confucian view of women from three aspects. The first part is the historical tracking of the Confucian view of women. The second part explains what the Confucian view of women ...
  • The Resurrection of BodyAuthor:Gordon Berg, (Translators)Li Jing / Gao Xiang Press:Nationality Publishing House
  • Eco-Feminism and Women's Images in Modern Chinese LiteratureAuthor:Wang Mingli Press:China Books Publishing House
  • Power, Body and Self-EgoAuthor:Huang Hua Press:Peking University PressFoucault's thought has had great influence on contemporary feminist disciplines, which cannot be ignored. It is a new topic studying Foucault's theory from the perspective of feminist criticism, espec...
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