• Gender and EducationAuthor:Zheng Xinrong Press:Education Science PressThis book introduces the gender perspective into the field of education. With the basic position and views of gender, this study examines and criticizes the phenomenon of gender differentiation in edu...
  • Nationality, Gender and ClassAuthor:Liu Jinghui Press:Social Science Literature PressFrom the perspective of gender, this book expounds the social status and responsibility of women as a gender group and part of the nation in the colonial period. The author analyzes enslavement educat...
  • Women's ReadingAuthor:Li Xiaojiang Press:Jiangsu People's Publishing HouseThis book is a review of works on women and gender studies and also is the author's investigation on women and gender studies worldwide....
  • History of Chinese Women's LivesAuthor:Chen Dongyuan Press:The Commercial PressThis book was written by Chen Dongyuan in 1928 and published by the Commercial Press in 1937. It is considered the first systematic treatise about Chinese women's history. It has had a great influence...
  • Gender PoeticsAuthor:Lin Shuming Press:Chinese Social Sciences Publishing House
  • Nora’s VoiceAuthor:Liu Siqian Press:Henan University
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