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Analysis of Zi Zhi Zhan Yan by Liang Shitang
Abstract:Using the method of stating the ideologies, deeds and discourses of ancient sages in the opening chapters and a further explanation in the followings,...
Reivew of The Teaching of Hebei Women's Normal College in the Republic of China
Abstract:The Republic of China was an important period for the developing of Chinese higher education. One important was that the normal education had its own ...
Review of How Far have We Gone in the Past 20 Years:Research on Development of Chinese Women's Rights after the World Conference on Women in 1995
Late Marriage Phenomenon and Its Causes for the Talented Women in Qing Dynasty——Based on The Collected Works of Women in Qing Dynasty
Abstract:Late marriage for women was rarely seen in Qing Dynasty. According to historians' statistics,the number of women who got married over the age of twent...
Integration and Conflict Between Lahu Customary Marriage Law and Marriage Law of the People‘’s Republic of China
Abstract:Customary marriage law is an important part of Lahu culture. It reflects aspects of love, engagement,marriage, divorce, re-marriage, inheritance of pr...