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Analysis of the Status Quo of Our Countryk Young Women's Football's Development
Abstract:This paper analyzes the status quo of our country's young women's football's development by literature, questionnaires and expert interviews. By revea...
Industrialized social security services in communities——A perspective of diversified welfares
Abstract:The writer argues that by diversified welfares the industrialized social security services should observe the responsibility,objectives,incentive, pro...
Review on Stability of University Graduates' Employment in China and Other Countries
Abstract:This paper reviewed the concept, measuring methods, and macro and micro researches of employment stability. And then, researches in the fields of app...
Construction and Application of Evaluation Index System for Medical Insurance System
Abstract:effective evaluation of medical insurance is the key basis for its amendment and improvement. reference to empirical research.
Investigation and Analysis on Physical Behavior of Female Students and Sports Values in Vocational Colleges
Abstract:In this paper questionnaire, interview and mathematical statistics method was conducted to investigate and analyze the concept of physical behavior of...