Privacy Rights and Obligations

Copyright Statement

1. The submitter and/or up-loader must own the copyright of papers submitted and/or uploaded, or should be authorized by the author to do so. The submitter/up-loader will be responsible for all copyright disputes.
2. By uploading their papers, GSN members give the network exclusive publishing rights to them. Such behavior should not be construed as authorization to the GSN to obtain any other copyrights to such papers, nor should the GNS be held responsible for protecting the aforementioned copyrights on these papers;
3. Users and visitors should pay due attention to copyright issues when downloading papers. All information and content the service makes available is protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law or other related laws and regulations.
a. The GSN will be bound by any copyright statement authors might include with their articles.
b. Should the article be used for commercial, profitable and advertising purposes the author's consent and scope of authorization should be indicated. Should modification be required, the original meaning should be kept. Where extensive modifications are needed, the author's consent is required and the scope of authorization should be indicated.
4. GSN owns the corresponding rights protected by intellectual property rights or other laws pertaining to the resources this service provides; users of GSN services have non-exclusive rights of use. Users do not have the right to copy, edit or sell articles downloaded from the GSN or to develop derivative products based on GSN articles, nor will users permit any third party to do so. 
5. GSN reserves the right of interpretation and amendment of this statement.
6. Other issues not covered by this statement shall be governed and construed in accordance with laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

Privacy Statement

      Gender Study Network (hereinafter GSN) promises to protect users' privacy and to be bound by this privacy statement. Users are expected to review this privacy statement to ensure it meets their privacy protection requirements.
      GSN attaches great importance to users' privacy protection and will not rent or sell any of the user's information to any other third party without the user's prior permission, other than under the following conditions:
      Users agree to share their information with a third party;
      Users agree to disclose their personal information;
      The GSN needs to obey court summons, legal orders or comply with legal processes;
      GSN will search out any users it finds to have violated the terms and conditions of service or other terms of use.