Over 90% of Female University Students in Guangzhou Believe Gender Discrimination Still Exists in Employment
Uploaded Time: 2016-10-02

Guangzhou Women's Federation recently released the White Paper on the Employment Status of Female University Students in the capital of south China's Guangdong Province. 

Through case interviews and sampling surveys conducted since April, Guangzhou Women's Federation carried out a series of investigations so as to comprehensively understand female students' employment and entrepreneurial status.

According to the white paper, 91.9 percent of female university students have experienced gender prejudice from recruiters. Of which, the proportion of young women in the department of science has reached 38.6 percent. 

In terms of job-seeking experiences, female job-seekers are likely to get one offer after sending out an average of 44 resumes, said the report.

Results also show that the biggest problems for female job seekers include: It is hard to find a job which matches their specialized field (61.6 percent); employers don't want to employ a someone without experience (61.2 percent); and there are few chances left for women (56.7 percent). 

What is noteworthy is that around 14 percent of female respondents said they have a plan to start their own business, and 11 percent of them have put this into practice. However, only 2.6 percent of female business-starters get venture capital. 

In addition, the report also listed the top three difficulties for female university students who plan to found their own businesses, including a lack of entrepreneurial experience (28.2 percent); a lack of social resources and relevant knowledge of national support policies (22.3 percent); and pressure from family and traditions (18.3 percent). 

(Source: Guangzhou Daily / Translated and edited by the Gender Study Network)