Survey: Nearly Half of All Married Taiwan Women Are Unfairly Treated at Work
Uploaded Time: 2017-03-08

Nearly half of all married Taiwan women have suffered unfriendly treatment in the workplace on at least one occasion, according to a latest survey.

The 2017 Married Women's Career Development Survey was jointly released by the "Central News Agency", NOWnews and 1111 Job Bank.

Around 66 percent of married professional women confessed that they have suffered uncomfortable treatment from their supervisors and colleagues due to their marriage or pregnancy, the survey showed.

Meanwhile, the survey also found that more than 70 percent of women have changed their career plans due to these reasons. Among them, around 40 percent said that they have found new jobs in order to better care for their families. Nearly 20 percent have withdrawn from the workplace to become full-time mothers. Aside from this, 11 percent have chosen temporary leave without pay as a form of parental leave.

For the "A Case, A Rest" system carried out in south China's Taiwan Province, nearly 70 percent of interviewees stated that they remained unconvinced of whether it is helpful to form a friendly career environment or not. 38.8 percent believe that it does not help a lot; 30.3 percent think that it is of no use at all; and just 31 percent believe that it is favorable to handling the balance between family and work.

According to the analysis of Li Dahua, vice-general manager of the 1111 Job Bank, women are the main group of taking care of family members after marriage due to the influence of the traditional concept. "Women are responsible for managing affairs at home whereas men shoulder the responsibility of making money outside."

Hence, their focus in life is transferred from work to the family and some of them have even had to give up their personal career planning, which means they become a relatively vulnerable group in terms of career development, Li maintained.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)