Life Expectancy in Beijing Tops 82: White Paper
Uploaded Time: 2017-07-27

The life expectancy of residents with household registration in Beijing reached 82.03 years last year, according to a health white paper released on Wednesday.

The white paper, which reported on public health and Beijing residents' health conditions in 2016, was released by the Beijing municipal government and Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning.

Life expectancy of Beijing residents is predicted to continue to grow slowly.

Three main causes of death are cancer, heart attack and brain diseases, which together account for 72.3 percent of deaths, the white paper revealed.

Death caused by endocrine and metabolic diseases increased by 10.8 percent, making them the fastest growing diseases.

Cancer has been the number one killer since 2007 with lung cancer claiming the most people's lives in 2016. The occurrence of lung cancer rose by 27.5 percent from 2006 to 2015.

Lung cancer occurred in more men than women in 2015, being the most common cancer for men.

For women, although lung cancer is also prevalent, it is the second most common after breast cancer.

(Source: China Daily)