History of Chinese Women's Lives
Author: Chen Dongyuan Uploaded Time: 2017-03-07

This book was written by Chen Dongyuan in 1928 and published by the Commercial Press in 1937. It is considered the first systematic treatise about Chinese women's history. It has had a great influence on the study of the history of Chinese women. In this book, the time span is from ancient China to the Republic of China, and the contents include marriage, ethics, women's education, morality, chastity, prostitutes, foot binding, modern feminism etc. Due to the impact of the new culture movement, it gave a description and critique on the unfairness and suppression of women in traditional culture, systems and real life. The book is very rich in information and conducts a wide range of discussion.


Chapter One  Introduction
One  Women get blamed easily
Two  Psychological differences between a husband and his wife
Three  Talented women and women without talent live in pain
Four  Background of women's history

Chapter Two  Ancient Women's Lives
One  Conjecture before the Zhou Dynasty
Two  Patriarchal clan organizations and matchmaker marriages
Three  Society in the formation of “Li”
Four  Six rites and marriage age
Five  The origin of polygamy
Six   Divorce is a man's privilege
Seven  Women's virtues
Eight  Paying attention to etiquette in the Qin Dynasty

Chapter Three  Life of Women in the Han Dynasty
One  To praise the ancient system of chastity
Two  Two women saints
Three  The lack of education
Four  Freedom to remarry
Five  Degeneration of women
Chapter Four  Life of Women in the Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties

Chapter Five  Life of Women in the Sui and Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties

Chapter Six  Life of Women in the Song Dynasty

Chapter Seven  Life of Women in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties

Chapter Eight  Life of Women in the Qing Dynasty

Chapter Nine  Life of Women in the Era of Reform

Chapter Ten  Life of Women in Modern Times

Appendix  Women in the Twenty-Four Histories