Women's Reading
Author: Li Xiaojiang Uploaded Time: 2017-03-07

This book is a review of works on women and gender studies and also is the author's investigation on women and gender studies worldwide.



1  "Feminism Cornerstone" and Its Founder: On Marie Wollstonecraft's Defense of the "Feminist" (1792)[Britain]
2  Heritage of "Master": On Marx's "Anthropology Notes" and Others  (1840s-1880s) [Germany]
3  Regulating the Social Relations of Gender Equality: On John Stuart Muller's "The Subjection of Women" (1869) [Britain]
4  Class and Gender: Guidance for the Women's Movement: Auguste Bebel's “Women and Socialism” (1879) [Germany]
5  "Origin" with the Historical Meaning in the World: On Engels' “Origin of Family, Private Ownership and the State” (1884) [Germany]
6  The Man Who Rings the Chinese “Nvjie Bell”: On Jin Yi's “Nvjie Bell” (1903)
7  Psychoanalysis: On Freud's " Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality and Others" (1905) [Austria]
8  Different Positions of Feminism: On Alan Kay's "Women's Movement" (1909) [Sweden]
9  Will Those Who are Immoral be Laughed at?: On Yosano Akiko's “Chastity " (1915) [Japan]
10  Our Liberation Starts Here: On Lenin's "On Women" (1895-1922) [Russia]
11  Not Only the Echo of History: On Alexandra's "On New Women" (1922) [Russia]
12  Paving the Way for Chinese Women's Liberation: On Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao's " Women's Anthology During the May Fourth Period" (1917-1922)
13  Prophet and Forerunner of "Her Century": On the Preface of Roman Roland's “Mother and Son” (1922-1934) [France]
14  Have a House, and Then What?: On Virginia Woolf's “A Room of One's Own" (1929)[Britain]
15  Another Voice in the Alternative Life: On Zhou Zuoren's “The Discovery of Women” (1918-1952)
16  Ice Breaking of Gender Education: On Elis' "Psychology of Sex" (1933) [Britain]
17  Choice of Temperament and Personality: On Margaret Mead's “Gender and Temperament" (1935) [America]
18  Sociological Reflections on the Continuation of Ethnic Groups: On Fei Xiaotong's “A Study of the Birth System” (1947)
19  Seeing “The Secondary Sex” at the End of the 20 Century: On Simone de Beauvoir's “The Secondary Sex” (1949) [France]
20  Is There a Me in Your Secret?: On Betty Friedan's "Feminine Mystique” (1963) [America]
21  "Stealing" Freedom for Men Among Liberated Women: On Ottawa Aaron's "Men's Liberation" (1969) [America]
22  Start and End of the "Sexual Revolution": On Kate Millet's "Sexual Politics" (1970) [America]
23  Men's True Voice in Hesitation: On Ikeda Oku's "Proverbs for Women" (1971) [Japan]
24  Like Attracts Like, Like draws to Like: On Foucault's “Sexual History and Others” (1976-1984) [France]
25  Manifesto of Ecofeminism: On Caroline's “Death of Nature” (1979)[America]
26  What is That in the Women's Voice?: On Carol Gilligan's "Different Voices" (1982) [America]
27  Late Enlightenment: Towards Women: On Li Xiaojiang's “Exploration of Eve” (1982-1986)
28  "New Enlightenment of Feminists": On Gloria Stan's "The Inner Revolution” (1994) [America]
29  Healthy Body and Mind, Healthy Life: On "Our Body and Ourselves" (1973-1998)[America]

Postscript: Seeking Common Ground While Reserving Differences: On Ames' "Harmony in Diversity: Comparative Philosophy and Communication of Western and Eastern Countries" (2002) [America]

Li Xiaojiang's Bibliography and Related Works (1986-2005)