Nationality, Gender and Class
Author: Liu Jinghui Uploaded Time: 2017-03-13

From the perspective of gender, this book expounds the social status and responsibility of women as a gender group and part of the nation in the colonial period. The author analyzes enslavement education means of being the puppet authorities for women to be an understanding wife and loving mother from the three aspects of gender, class and nationality. This book draws from the rich historical materials of the remains of literature from the Manchukuo period.

Part I  Monographic Study
One  Benevolent Politics
Two  Research Objects
Three  Data Sources

Chapter One  "Benevolent Politics" and Women's Education
One  Establishment of "benevolent politics" and the puppet regime in Manchuria
Two  The aims of reform and education on women
Three  Women's education under "benevolent politics"
Four  Women should become an active group with good will between Japan and Manchukuo

Chapter Two  The Good-Will Union
One  Establishment of women's organizations in early Manchukuo
Two  Establishment of the Manchurian Women's National Defense Association
Three  Women's organizations of Japan and Manchukuo
Four  Women's movement under the leadership of the Manchurian Women's National Defense Association

Chapter Three  Youth Policy and Youth in Manchukuo
One  Patriotic youth's struggle against Japan and saving the nation
Two  Establishment of the Manchuria Boy Scouts
Three  Youth education and youth policy in early Manchukuo
Four  Establishment of the Union Youth Group
Five  The education of young people under the control of the puppet government

Chapter Four  The Kwantung Army's Backup Force
One  Establishment of Japan's three largest women's organizations in Northeast China
Two  Women's backup force movement
Three  Thinking of the movement

Chapter Five  Views on the War of the Japanese Women
One  Japanese women's views on the September 18th Incident
Two  Their backup movement
Three  Conclusion

Chapter Six  "An Understanding Wife and Loving Mother" and "New Women"
One  A discussion on "an understanding wife and loving mother"
Two  New women make their debut
Three  Women's associations and women's organizations
Four  Thoughts on the study of women's history in the colonial period
Five  Thoughts on the study of women's history in the northeast of China

Part II  Historical Compilation
One  Wish of the Manchurian Women's National Defense Association
Two  Information on Japan's Three Women's Organizations in the Northeast China
1 Patriotic Women's Federation of Manchuria
2  Women's Federation of Manchuria
3  Dalian branch of the Patriotic Women's Association
4  Dalian branch of the Japanese Women's Defense Association
Three  Miho Kokiyoji's report on the Women's Federation of Manchuria
1  Thanks to Sisters Working on Funding Collection for Their Hard Work and Notice to the General Public
2  Manchuria Women's Federation
3  Enlightenment from Japanese Women in Manchuria
4  On the First Anniversary of the Occasion of the Women's Federation of Manchuria
5  Expectations of the Women's Federation of Manchuria
Four  Japanese Women Students' Attitudes towards the September 18th Incident
1  Manchuria incident and us
2  On military conflict
3  Gratitude and awareness: For all the soldiers and police
4  Condolences to the injured soldiers
Five  "Manchuria Women's Moral Training Booklet" (Excerpt)
1  Cheerful thoughts
2  Focus on the present
3  Habits and cultivation
4  Quality of Manchurian people
Six  Data on "Benevolent Politics" and Women's Morals
1  Declaration of State Power of Manchuria
2  "Essence of Salvation of Benevolent Politics " (Excerpt)
3  Women's equation of Benevolent Politics
4  Women's morals and ruling the country
5  How to be a good husband or a suitable wife?
6  Defense Provisions of the Fengtian Branch of the Manchurian Women's National Defense Association
7  The Relationship Between the Women's Federation and the Union
Seven  Data on adolescents and adolescent education in Manchuria
1  Manchuria Boy Scout Organization
2  Manchuria League of Boy Scouts
3  Rules for the implementation of the youth training program
4  Youth League Outline
5  Students should be industrious and devoted to public duty
6  National Youth Manual (excerpt)