Gender and Education
Author: Zheng Xinrong Uploaded Time: 2017-03-14

This book introduces the gender perspective into the field of education. With the basic position and views of gender, this study examines and criticizes the phenomenon of gender differentiation in education, and tries to get rid of gender bias in the field of education. Education has a great power of the liberation of mankind. The introduction of gender issues in the field of education can raise the gender consciousness of educators to change long-standing gender stereotypes and bias, draw people's attention to gender issues and give them knowledge and skills around gender equality and mutual respect. Its ultimate aim is to deconstruct the gender inequality in education and reduce or even eliminate gender inequality.

Chapter One  Introduction
Section One  Goal of the Course
1  The social gender of education
2  Gender equality is an important symbol of the democratization and modernization of education
Section Two  College students' gender consciousness and the important symbol of modernization
1  College students and gender education
2  Teachers and gender education
Section Three  Research scope and content of "Gender and Education"
Section Four  The teaching and learning of "Gender and Education"
Thinking and Practice
Appendix: Curriculum of the Gender and Education Course
Chapter Two  Definition of Gender
Section One  Physiological gender
1  Gender differences in physiological structure
2  Difference of physiological function
Section Two  Cognitive ability and gender
1  General intelligence
2  Memory ability
3  Speech ability
4  Mathematical ability
5  Visual and spatial ability
6  Cognitive types
Section Three  Social behavior and gender
1  Social interaction and cooperative behavior
2  Compassion
3  Aggressive behavior
4  Dominant behavior
5  Moral development
Section Four  Social gender
1  What is gender
2  Significance of gender studies
3  Meaning and understanding of gender
Thinking and Practice

Chapter Three  Gender Roles
Section One  Gender Roles
1  Social roles
2  Gender roles
3  Differences of gender roles
Section Two  Formation of gender roles
1  The formation of gender roles
2  Age and characteristics of the formation of gender roles
3  The formation of ideal gender roles
Section Three  Gender stereotypes
1  Gender stereotypes
2  Impact of gender stereotypes
Chapter Four  The Theory of Gender Formation

Chapter Five  Main Factors of Gender Formation

Chapter Six  School Education on Gender

Chapter Seven  History and Present Situation of Gender Equality Education

Chapter Eight  The Theoretical Schools of Gender Studies
Chapter Nine  Educational Reform and Gender Equity

Chapter Ten  Educators' Knowledge and Skills on Gender