Gender Pluralism: Theory and Practice
Author: Fang Gang Uploaded Time: 2017-03-17

In recent years, academic circles, educational circles, the news media and the public have all paid much attention to the issue of gender and temperament. Topics such as feminism, equality between men and women, masculinity studies and the men's movement, "super girl", "superwoman", crisis of masculinity, homosexuality, transgender people and androgyny education emerge in an endless stream. Gender temperament is reflected in the construction of society. Meanwhile, the new definition and new understanding of gender temperament is also involved in the process of social construction. It's time for us to make a difference.

Preface  Fang Gang

One  Diversity of Gender Temperament
Looking at the Diversity of Gender and Temperament  By Shi Aizhong
On Adolescents' Sex / Gender Equality and Multi Practice  By Chen Yaya
The Interpretation of Gender and Gender Classification: From the Perspective of Western Feminist Androgyny in China  By Tao Hui
The Physical Practice of Multi Gender: The Evolution of "Man and Woman" in Dress  By Li Yifang
Discussion on The Value of Gender Diversity: Based on the Principle of Biological Diversity  By Hu Yong, Zhang Yifei and Wang Huijian
The Political Attribution of Body Desire: The Cultural Identity and Ecological Construction of the Adolescent LGBT Group  By Wang Ningchuan and Zou Yuze
On the Development of Gender Diversity in China  By Li Bo and Wang Jing

Two  Law, Public Policy and Gender Education
Two Faces of Condoms: Public Policy Advocacy under the Shadow of AIDS  By Guo Xiaofei
How to Establish Gender Equality Education: An Analysis of the Current Academic Circles Fighting against Gender Discrimination in Taiwan  By Yang Quanlin
The Development of Law and The Development of Gender Justice  By Xiong Laihu
Promoting the Education of "Androgyny" and Gender Diversity  By Li Lie
Perplexity, Opportunity and Vision: Practice of Promoting Gender Diversity in Colleges and Universities  By Lin Hong
My Opinion on the Application of Gender Equality Awareness in Education  By Zhou Anqin
The Design, Practice and Reflection of A Gender Education Curriculum for Primary School Students  By Hou Wenjun

Three  Transgender
Equal Rights and Respecting the Transgender Community  By Fang Gang
Identity Recognition of Transsexuals and Transvestites  By Ke Qianting
The Role and Status of Transgender People in the Elimination of Male Chauvinism and the Establishment of Gender Equality  By Qian Jinfan
Discrimination against Transsexuals  By Li Jiang
The Gendered Body and Life  By Liao Aiwan

Four  Masculinity
Masculine TV Production: Military Dramas, Masculinity and Its Decoding  By Lv Peng
The Pluralistic Era of Gender Temperament  By Liu Jianwen
An Analysis of the Influence of Masculinity Construction on Personality Disorder  By Zhao Ziqing
Li Yang's Case of Domestic Violence and Men's Progess  By Zhang Zhihui

Five  Sex
The “Sex” of Single Women in Chinese Cities  By Zhu Xueqin
Comparison and Inspiration of Heterosexual and Non-heterosexual Women  By Li Yang
The Relationship between College Students' Gender Role Concept and Its Related Knowledge and Behavior of Non-volitional Behavior  By Zuo Xiayun
The Role of Learned Helplessness in the Formation of Heterosexual Orientation  By Wang Jun
"Sansheng Education" Practice: A Perspective on Chinese Sexuality Education  By Su Tao
A Review of the Research on the Relationship between Teachers and Students on American Campuses  By Wang Weiyuan
The Status and Problems of Male Sex Workers in Changchun  By Gong Yibao
Some Experiences on the Intervention of Male Workers in Recent Years  By Li Hua
The Social Network of Sex Workers: Interview of Sixteen Middle-aged Female Sex Workers  By Zheng Huang
Review and Prospect of the Research on Transgender People  By Lv Na

Six  Homosexuality
Why are there more Homosexuals in China?  By Er Yan
Identity Recognition and Strategy Practice of Bisexual People in Taiwan  By Zeng Meijin
The Body Across the Border: A Study of Gender Practice of Lesbians Born in the 1980s  By Wei Tingting
Gender Analysis of Lesbian Discourse  By Yang Zhihong
A Subculture Revolution? An Analysis of the Influence of European and American Gay and Lesbian Porn Movies on Homosexual Subculture
Pain and Disease: Thinking Based on the Sociology of The Body  By Wang Bin
Homo Love in the View of Buddhism  By Li Chunyao
On Some Issues of Sexual Pluralism  By Zhao Jiangang
New Internet Media, MSM Groups and HIV / AIDS Interventions: A Review of Global and Local Studies  By Lu Xinlei
Reconstruction of Drag Queen's Localization: A Case of the Students ACG Circle  By Liu Jiamin
On Marriage in the Homosexual Community  By Lao Ou
A Study on the Dilemma and Strategy of Chinese Homosexual Identity under the Social Constructivism Paradigm  By Sun Yankun and Zhou Enyi
The Different Aspects of Sexual Rights in Practice  By Lu Feng
Seven  Media and Literature
Women in Entertainment: Gender Differences and Gender/Sexual Discrimination in Gossip  By Shen Yifei
Dance, Dancer, and Gender  By Shi Hong
"Good" or "Bad": Identity Anxiety of Homosexuals from the "Children are Very Well" in Current Films and Television Plays  By Yang Chen
An Analysis of Transgender Phenomenon Reports in the Domestic Media by Butler's (Judith Butler) "Performative Theory"  By Zhang Shunyuan
The Status of Transgender Groups in China: A Case Study Based on Media Reports By Li Wenfen
Women's Struggles in Novels and Documentaries   By Lu Yao.
The Dislocation of Gender Roles and Conflicts in Marriage: A Case Study of A Program in Jiangxi Satellite TV  By Wang Jing and Guo Yuting

Eight  Ethnic and Gender Status
Gender Equality and Change in the Lahu People  By Su Cuiwei
Attitudes of Married Women of Childbearing Age to Family Gender Roles and Domestic Violence  By Tu Xiaowen
On Gender Diversity in the Jinuo People  By Du Juan and Zou Zhenzhen
Analysis of Nvshu's Cultural Diversity under the Background of National Interaction By Wang Fenghua
An Analysis of Gender Orientation in the Songs of the Dong Nationality  By Wu Quanxin
From "Women Folk" to "Feminist Folk"  By Chen Qiu
Gender Equality in Malaysia  By Zhong Peiqing
On the Employment of Female College Students from the Perspective of Human Resources  By Qu Zhenhui
On the Construction of Confucianism and Its Influence  By Peng Hua
The Double Standard of Gender Roles for Those Who Were Born in the 1980s  By Jiang Yunfei
Female Urinals and Women's Liberation  By Ye Ganlin
Study on the Family Status of Rural Girls: A Case Study of a Village in Guangxi City By Deng Ran
The Dialectical Relationship between the Free and All-round Development of Human Beings and the Liberation of Women  By Jin Zhuo and Wang Jing
On the Possibility of Equality between Men and Women from the Perspective of Ecological Niche Theory  By Chen Yuzhou
Analysis of Liangshan Yi Girls with Low Academic Achievement  By Xiao Xue
The Interaction between Gender and Gender Temperament  By Hua Ping

Nine  Psychological Counseling and Social Work
A Psychological Perspective of the Multivariate Gender  By Huang Xiaomei
Analysis of Five Typical Cases on Family Issues  By Hua Tong
Embracing Femininity: Social Work from the Perspective of Feminism  By Xu Shasha
Rebuilding a New Home: Gender, Identity and Environment of a Village in Post-disaster Construction in Sichuan  By Li Xueli
To Examine the Psychological Consultation in Various Schools with Gender Perspective  By Rong Kai
Appendix: Conference on Gender Diversity: International Symposium on Gender Theory and Practice