Translating Feminism in China
Author: Wang Zheng Uploaded Time: 2017-04-21

As a global discourse, feminism is intertwined with the globalization of imperialism and capitalism. So, the history of feminism within a certain area is critical to our understanding of the interaction between that area and the globe, and also to our understanding of the forming of modern micro and macro processes. This book investigates China in the period from the end of the Nineteenth Century to the contemporary as a case study, and discusses problems appearing in the process.

Preface  By Gao Yanyi and Wang Zheng
Concept of Feminism in Modern China  By Sudo Mizuyo
Translation of New Women: The West in the Eyes of Chinese Feminists (1905 - 1915)  By Chen Qunale
Women, Motherhood and the Law of Biology: The First Half Period of the Development of Women's Magazines (1915 - 1925)  By Jiang Yongzhen
"Beauty" in China in 1930s: Nationalism and Feminism  By Gao Yunxiang
The Great Leap Forward? Women's Liberation during Mao Zedong’s Regime  By Yi Mei
Gender Division of Labor in China's Rural Areas in the 1950s  By Gao Xiaoxian
Thoughts of "Iron Girl": Gender and Labor during The "Cultural Revolution"  By Jin Yihong
Who is Feminist? Understanding the Contradictory Position of "Shanghai Baby", "Body Writing" and Feminism after the Women's Liberation Movement in China

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