Gender and Law: Legal Road to Gender Equality
Author: Zhou Anping Uploaded Time: 2017-04-21

The purpose of this book is to explore why gender discrimination is still widespread in real life even after the establishment of gender equality in legal texts.



Across Public and Private Circles, Integration of Facts and Norms (Preface)

One  Research value and theoretical significance
Two  Overview on domestic and foreign literature
Three  Problems and research path

Chapter One  Sex and Gender
One  Sex and gender
Two  Social construction of gender
Three  Gender and its research methods
Four  Gender and law research

Chapter Two  Construction of Gender Discrimination under the Traditional Law System
One  The legal origin of sexism
Two  Women’s status under gender discrimination
Three  Gender discrimination theory and criticism
Four  Covering up and strengthening gender discrimination through traditional legal theory

Chapter Three  Gender Equality and Legal Approaches
One  The origin and development of gender equality
Two  The axiom of gender equality
Three  Equality and differences
Four  Public and private areas

Chapter Four  Gender Equality and Sexual Rights
One  Sexual rights from gender discrimination to gender equality
Two  Sexual rights of gender equality
Three  The relationship between gender equality and state power
Four  The limits of state power control

Chapter Five  Gender Equality and Domestic Violence
One  The origin and basis of domestic violence
Two.  Gender-based domestic violence
Three  Family autonomy and state power
Four  Domestic violence and international human rights
Five  Domestic violence and judicial theory

Chapter Six  Gender Equality and Gender Basis of Marriage
One  Gender-based social construction
Two  Gender base and gender discrimination in marriage
Three  Marriage change based on gender
Four  Gender equality in marriage

Chapter Seven  Gender Equality and the Legal Profession
One  The absence of women in the legal profession and its traditional interpretation
Two  How to build a career for men in legal circles
Three  Put aside the "veil of law"
Four  Women's thinking and affinity of the legal profession