Analysis of Literature and Data of Foreign Studies on Chinese Women
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Mankind has entered the era of globalization in the 21st century. Letting China know more about the world and letting the world knowing more about China, have become two of the most important tasks among those in academic circles. This book provides a tool for better doing so by studying the effects of the boom in foreign studies on China. The issue of Chinese women is one of the subjects of foreign studies. This is not only because, in China's long history, the status of women and culture has shown obvious uniqueness – many foreign researchers have great interest and curiosity in Chinese women because of dramatic changes in Chinese women in the past nearly half a century. This book aims to understand overseas studies on China from a new perspective. It explores the historical development and current situation of foreign studies on China from the perspective of gender studies. Although, from the overall view, women's studies in foreign studies on China are still in the margins, the academic status of the studies on Chinese women from overseas continues to increase, and its research results have gained more and more recognition.
One  Overview of the Development of Foreign Studies on Chinese Women
1 Emergence of a large number of research findings
2 Introduction of interdisciplinary and gender perspective
3 Diversification of research methods
4 Growth of the research team and the establishment of researchers’ networks
5 Improvement of the position of the subject
6 Main problems facing current studies on Chinese women in foreign countries
Two  Domestic Research on Foreign Studies on Chinese Women and the Purpose of This Study
Three  Methods of Study
Four  Main Contents and Research Labor Division
Introduction  The Historical and Current Status of Chinese Women's Studies in Foreign Countries
One  Introduction and Studies on Foreign Studies on Chinese Women before 1900
Two  Introduction and Studies on Foreign Studies on Chinese Women from 1900 to 1949
1 Religious people and religious groups are the main body of authors
2 Women are the main body of authors
3 Extension of the discussion
Three  Studies on Foreign Studies on Chinese Women from the 1950s to 1970s
1 Fallow period of foreign studies on Chinese women from the 1950s to 1960s
2 Initial development of foreign studies on Chinese women from the 1970s
Four  Vigorous development of foreign studies on Chinese women since the 1980s
1 Academic book analysis
2 Academic paper analysis
3 Major academic journals publishing papers
Chapter One  Looking for the Female’s Figure: From the Perspective of History
One  Studies on Historical Figures
1 Wu Zetian
2 Ci Xi
3 Sisters and others
Two  Cultural History Research
Three  Social History Research
1  Changes of research objectives
2  Changes of research perspectives
Four  Characteristics of foreign studies on Chinese women’s history
1 The scope of research is gradually expanding
2 Research methods are becoming increasingly rich
3 Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research
4 Researchers come from all walks of life
5 Introduction of women’s perspectives
Chapter Two  Seeking the Voice of Women: From the Perspective of Literature
One  Translation of Female Literary Works
Two  Female Literature Research
1 Study on women writers
2 Research on female literary works
3 Research on the image of women in Literature
Chapter Three  Explore Women's Road to Liberation: Political and Social Categories
One  General Observation and Description of Chinese Women’s Living Conditions
1 Early attention to the status of Chinese women
2 Related research before and after the founding of new China
3. Development after the 1970s
4 Brief comments
Two  Women and Revolution, and Women's Liberation: A Major Theme in the Study of Chinese Women
1 Revolution and women, and women in revolution
2 Paying attention to the relationship between feminism and Chinese revolution from the gender perspective
3 Investigation of women's policy of the Communist Party of China and the rethinking of women's liberation
Chapter Four  Chinese marriage and Family: Intersection of Foreign Chinese Studies and Foreign Studies on Chinese Women
One  Early Studies
Two  Relevant Research after Reform and Opening up
1 Family structure and the continuation of the study of the kinship system
2 Paying attention to the impact of social changes on family and family life
3 Development of feminist research enriches the research content of this field.
4 Study of the marriage and family problems of overseas Chinese women
5 Other related issues
Chapter Five  Analyzing Women's Economic Role in the Process of Economic Reform and Development
One  Study on the Economic Participation and Status of Rural Women
1 Economic role of Chinese women in early stages
2 Economic participation of rural women in the first half of the 20th Century
3 Influence of the state on women's economic participation
4 Influence of the new rural economic policy on women has become a hot research topic
Two  Study on the Influence of the Reform Policy on Urban Women's Lives: Unemployment and Poverty as the Main Focus
Three  A Multidisciplinary Perspective and Comparative Study on Women and Development
Four  Influence of Education on Women's Employment and Women's Economic Participation
Chapter Six  Overseas Chinese Women's Studies: Development of Overseas Chinese Studies and the New Trend of Overseas Chinese Studies
One  Study on the History of Overseas Chinese Women
Two  Study on Contemporary Chinese Women Immigrants
1 Immigration study
2 Comparative study
3 Cultural study and gender study
4 Other social studies