Study on Anti-Discrimination Law Legislation, Theory and Cases
Author: Zhou Wei Uploaded Time: 2017-06-01

The author of this book researched the legislation draft of anti-discrimination laws in China and law theories, social background and cultural psychology prohibiting gender discrimination, age discrimination, appearance discrimination and height discrimination from over 0.3 million employment advertisements in Shanghai and Chengdu's newspapers from 1995 to 2005. The anti-discrimination laws were collected from countries and other areas, including America, Canada, EU, German, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong of Mainland China, and can be referenced by government organs and practical law workers.


Part One  Theory of Prohibiting Discrimination

Chapter One  Introduction

Chapter Two  Species of Prohibition
Section One  Discrimination on age
Section Two  Gender discrimination
Section Three  Discrimination on appearance
Section Four  Discrimination on height

Part Two  Proposals on Legislation Prohibiting Discrimination
Section One  Academic proposal for the People's Republic of China Anti-discrimination Law (Draft)
Section Two  On the explanation of the People's Republic of China Anti-discrimination Law (Draft)

Part Three  Legislation of Prohibiting Discrimination

Chapter One  The 1958 International Convention on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)

Chapter Two  Legislation of Countries and Regions
Section One  The United States of America
1. The 1967 Act against Age Discrimination in Employment
2. The 1991 Civil Rights Act
Section Two  Germany
General equal treatment
Section Three  European Union
1 Racial and National Equality Directive (2000/43/EC)
2 Employment Framework Directive (2000/78/EC)
3 Gender Equality Directive (2006/54/EC)
Section Four  Canada
Canadian Human Rights Act
Section Five  Japan
1 Laws on Ensuring Equal Opportunities and Treatment for Men and Women in Employment (Law No. 113, July 1, 1972)
2 Labor Standards Act (1947, Law No. 49) (Excerpt)
3 Rules on Governing the Implementation of Equal Opportunities for Equal Access to Women and Men in Employment Areas (Labor Order No. 2, January 27, 1986)
Section Six  Taiwan
Gender equality act
Section Seven  Hong Kong, China
Gender Discrimination Ordinance (Excerpt)

Part Four  Prohibited Cases of Discrimination

Appendix  Charts of Requirements not Related to Job Responsibilities in Newspapers and Periodicals in Shanghai and Chengdu in 1995-2005