Veiling and Reappearing: Gender Politics in Academic Professions
Author: Wang Jun Uploaded Time: 2017-06-07

Veiling and Reappearing: Gender Politics in Academic Professions extensively portrays the daily lives of women teachers in a research-based university where their veiled 'gender' identities reappear, and probes the dynamic relationships between their cognition of gender roles and experiences in the workplace. The book also analyzes the structural factors which lead to women teachers' marginalization and powerlessness. Ultimately, the author argues what has happened to women teachers is not the result of any personal encounter, but the fate of an academic group; simultaneously, it is a social culture imposing the fixed division of gender roles on women teachers.

Part I Introduction
Chapter I Research Topic
I Genesis of the Research and Appearance of the Problem
(1) Genesis of the Research
(2) Appearance of the Problem
II Significance of the Research
(1) Theoretical Value
(2) Practical Significance
III Definition and Interpretation of the Basic Concept
IV Literature Review
(1) Foreign Literature
(2) Domestic Literature
(3) Brief Commentary
Chapter II Research Method
I Choice of Research Method
II Research Design
(1) Choice of Research Objects
(2) Data Collection
(3) Data Analysis
III Research Introspection
(1) Reflection on Research Validity and Popularization
(2) Researchers' Growth and Their Thinking
Part II People and Stories of the University
Chapter III Female Teachers' Memories and Narrations
I Entering "the Ivory Tower" for the first time
(1) Causes to Become a Female University Teacher
(2) "Occupation" or "Women's Mothering"
II Identity Establishment
(1) "A Teacher" or "A Scholar"
(2) Teaching and Research – Work with Gender Identity
III Academic Community
(1) Academic "Caste" and Ring of Saturn
(2) An Inside Outsider
IV Steps for Academic Professions
(1) Hard Promotion and Out of the Game
(2) Impartial Science and Gender Embarrassment
Chapter IV Gender Culture in the University
I Theoretical Perspective
(1) Bourdieu's Field and Capital Theory
(2) Cultural Psychology
(3) Feminist Pedagogy
II Gender Metaphor of Organizational Culture in Universities
(1) Gendered Executive Power and Academic Power
(2) Bureaucracy and Masculine Rationality and Efficiency
III Gender Identity of Subject Discipline Culture in the Universities
(1) Female Subject Discipline and Gender Identity within the Subject Discipline
(2) Male Subject Discipline and Gender Identity within the Subject Discipline
(3) Interpretation of the Gender Culture in the Subject Disciplines
IV Gender Code of Spatial Culture in the University
(1) Architectural History and Ideology
(2) Spatial Rules
Part III Gender Investigation into the "Academic Professions"
Chapter V Gender Latent Rules in Academic Professions
I Origin and Gender of Academic Professions
II Image Construction of Standard "Academic Staff"
III "Bluestocking" – Dislocation and Extension of Women's Roles
(1) Role Conflicts
(2) Time Slice
(3) Dancing on the Steel Cable
Chapter VI Intergeneration, Narration and Motility
I Academic Profession as "Work"
II Academic Profession as an "Ideal"
III Academic Profession as a "Choice"
Chapter VII Getting Rid of Gender Issues in Academic Professions
I State Responsibility and Strategy
(1) State Responsibility
(2) State / Regional Strategy
II Organization's Responsibility and Strategy
(1) Organization's Responsibility
(2) Organization's Strategy
III Personal Strategy
(1) Reflection on Quality Discourse
(2) Female Teachers' Personal Strategy
Appendix I Cover Letter of the Research Report
Appendix II Interview Outline (Only for Interview Reference)
Appendix III Observation Guide (Taken Research Group Meeting as an Example)