Theorising Chinese Masculinity: Society and Gender in China
Author: Kam Louie Uploaded Time: 2017-06-15

Abstract: This book is the first comprehensive analysis of Chinese masculinity. Kam Louie uses the concepts of wen (cultural attainment) and wu (martial valour) to explain attitudes to masculinity. This revises most Western analyses of Asian masculinity that rely on the yin-yang binary. Examining classical and contemporary Chinese literature and film, the book also looks at the Chinese diaspora to consider Chinese masculinity within and outside China.
Acknowledgements vii
1. Introducing Wenwu: Towards a Definition of Chinese Masculinity 1
2. Portrait of the God of War Guan Yu: Sex, Politics and Wu Masculinity 22
3. Confucius as Sage, Teacher, Businessman: Transformations of the Wen Icon 42
4. Scholars and Intellectuals: Representations of Wen Masculinity Past and Present 58
5. The Working-class Hero: Images of Wu in Traditional and Post-Mao Fiction 78
6. Women's Voices: The Ideal 'Woman's Man' in the Twentieth Century 98
7. Lao She's The Two Mas and Foreign Wives: Construction of Wen Masculinity for the Modern World 119
8. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat: Internationalising Wu Masculinity 140
9. Wen-wu Reconstructed: Chinese Masculinity Hyberidised and Globalised 160
Notes 166
Bibliography 205
Index 230