Foundations of Women's Studies
Author: Hu Huangqing Uploaded Time: 2017-07-04

Foundations of Women's Studies, a comprehensive interdisciplinary course, assimilates many of the latest achievements in women's studies and delves into them from the multiple perspectives of history, biology, physiology, psychology, sociology, law, medicine and economics. This book discusses the social commonalities and differences between men and women, explaining gender differences, the development of individual gender roles, women's gender advantages and their potential development, women's rights, love and marriage, career planning, women in the workplace and their interactions with men, women's occupational etiquette, health, and financial management, among others. It provides all women with a platform to learn about gender differences between men and women, and helps people to understand clearly women's developmental history and their status in the real world. At the same time, it enables the understanding of the different psychological and physiological characteristics of men and women and their different social developmental environments. This facilitates the construction of an equal, respectful, understanding and harmonious partnership through the joint efforts of men and women.



I. Significance of Foundations of Women's Studies

II. Features and Status of the Curriculum

III. Content of the Curriculum

IV. Aims and Demands of the Curriculum

Chapter I Women and Their Social Roles

I. Socialization of Gender Roles

(1) Changing Space and Time in Women's Roles

(2) The Process of Women's Socialization

(3) Socialization of Teenagers' Gender Roles

(4) Factors Impacting Socialization on Teenagers' Gender Roles

(5) Influences of Socialization on Adults' Gender Roles

II. Women's Roles in the Family and at Work

(1) Women's Roles in the Family

(2) Professional Women and Role Conflict

Thinking and Practice

Chapter II Women and the Law

I. History of Women's Rights

II. Women's Legal Rights in China

(1) Women's Political Rights

(2) Women's Educational Rights

(3) Women's Labor Rights

(4) Women's Property Rights

(5) Women's Human Rights

(6) Women's Rights in Marriage and Family

III. Awareness of Women's Rights and Approaches to Safeguarding Legal Rights

(1) Awareness of Women's Rights

(2) Characteristics of Crimes Perpetrated by Women

(3) Objective Factors in Crimes Perpetrated by Women

(4) Approaches for Women to Safeguard Their Legal Rights

Thinking and Practice

Chapter III Women and Education

I. History of Women's Education

(1) Review of the History of Women's Education in China

(2) Current Situation of Women's Education in China

(3) Factors Related to the Deprivation of Women's Education Rights in China

(4) Gender Issues existing in Current Education

II. Relationships between Women's Education and Women's Development

(1) Women's Education and Health

(2) Women's Education and Employment

(3) Women's Education and Gender Equality

(4) Women's Education and Marriage and Family

(5) Women's Education and Protection of Their Rights

III. Women's Gender Education

(1) Gender Education in the Time before Formal Education

(2) Gender Education in Primary Schools

(3) Gender Education during Puberty

(4) Gender Education at University and for Adults

(5) Gender Education in the Family

Thinking and Practice

Chapter IV Women and Economics

I. Gender Division of Labor and Women's Economic Status

(1) Review of the History of the Gender Division of Labor

(2) Gender Division of Labor and Changing Roles

(3) Gender Division of Labor and Family Economics

II. Women's Employment and Income

(1) Influences on Women's Employment in the Period of Social Transition

(2) Characteristics and Structure of Women's Employment

(3) Remuneration and Income

III. Women and Housework

(1) History of Housework according to Gender

(2) Analysis of Housework's Value

(3) Ideal Method of Division of Housework

Thinking and Practice

Chapter V Women and Aesthetics

I. Essence of Beauty

II. Women's Inner Beauty

(1) Education and Reason

(2) Full of Confidence

(3) Elegant Temperament

(4) Ceaseless Self-Improvement

(5) Lofty Morals

(6) Gentility

(7) Mind

(8) Talent

(9) Erudition

III. Women's Aesthetic Principles

(1) Outer and Inner Beauty

(2) The Unadorned and the Special

(3) Individuality and Universality

IV. Women's Beauty in Images

(1) Fitness

(2) Tidiness

(3) Personal Dress Style

(4) Elegant Speech

(5) Graceful Behavior

Thinking and Practice

Chapter VI Women and Health

I. Women's Physiological Health

(1) Women's Reproductive Health

(2) Women's Health in Menopause

(3) Women's Health in Old Age

(4) Major Factors Affecting Women's Physiological Health

II. Violence and Women's Health

(1) Domestic Violence

(2) Sexual Harassment

(3) Social Violence

III. Women's Health Management

(1) Content of Women's Health Management

(2) Measures of Women's Health Management

Thinking and Practice

Chapter VII Women in Love and Marriage

I. Love

(1) Connotations of Love

(2) How to form Love

(3) Types of Love

(4) Basic Characteristics of Love

(5) Values Orientation, Outlook and Ethics of Love

(6) Dealing with the End of A Relationship

II. Marriage

(1) Marriage

(2) Necessary Conditions for Marriage

(3) Adjustments for Psychological Conflict in Marriage

III. Family

(1) Essence of the Family and Basic Characteristics of A Healthy Family

(2) Types of Spousal Relationships

(3) Building a Healthy Spousal Relationship

(4) Disposing of the Barriers in Relationships between Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law

IV. Women and Children

(1) Parenting in Early Childhood

(2) Parenting From Primary School to Senior High School

Thinking and Practice

Chapter VIII Women's Employment and the Workplace

I. Current Situation of Women's Employment in China

(1) Characteristics of Women's Employment in China

(2) Factors Affecting Women's Employment

II. Female University Students' Employment

(1) Inner Obstacles to Female University Students' Employment

(2) External Obstacles to Female University Students' Employment

(3) Necessary Psychological Preparation for Female University Students' Job Hunting

(4) Job Interview Tips for Female University Students

(5) How to Produce a Resume

III. Women's Position in the Workplace

(1) Woman: Try to Think Like a Man

(2) Three Core Skills for a Female Administrator

IV. Professional Women's Etiquette

(1) Appearance

(2) Dress

(3) Telephone

(4) Reception

(5) Etiquette when Eating Chinese Food

(6) Conversational Etiquette

Thinking and Practice

Chapter IX Women's Career Planning

I. Summary of Career Planning

(1) Significance of Career Planning

(2) Career Planning

(3) Career Planning and the Individual

(4) Factors Affecting Career Planning

(5) Principles and Basic Procedures of Career Planning

(6) Position of Career Planning

II. Women's Career Planning

(1) Significance of Women's Career Planning

(2) Mode of Women's Career Development

(3) Characteristics of Women's Career Development Paths

(4) Key Points in Women's Career Planning

(5) Difficulties in Women's Career Planning

(6) The Influence of Women's Personality on Women's Career Development

(7) Crucial Aspects Affecting Professional Women's Success

Thinking and Practice

Chapter X Women's Psychology and Success

I. Women and Mental Health

(1) Behavioral Standards in Women's Mental Health

(2) Factors Affecting Women's Mental Health

II. Positive Psychological Factors and Women's Success

(1) Self-Improvement and Self-Reliance

(2) Great Self-Confidence

(3) Strong Motivation to Achieve

(4) Will of Iron

(5) Healthy Moods

(6) Psychological Obstacles Affecting Women's Success

III. Influences of Gender Discrimination on Women's Success

(1) Forms of Gender Discrimination in Women's Career Development

(2) Causes of Gender Discrimination

(3) Gender Discrimination and Psychological Obstacles Affecting Women's Success

(4) How to Deal With Social Gender Discrimination

IV. Disposition of Women's Mental Health

(1) Inferiority Complexes

(2) Psychological Dependence on Others

(3) Convergence

(4) Jealousy

(5) Bad Moods

Thinking and Practice

Chapter XI Women and Finance

I. Basic Knowledge of Investment and Finance

(1) Three Steps in Financing

(2) Five Norms of Financing Goals

(3) Planning Procedures in Finance

(4) Asset Allocation in Finance

(5) Major Events Resulting in Serious Individual Financial Crisis

II. Basic Skills of Family Finance

(1) Types of Family Finance

(2) Finance in Five Different Periods of Life

(3) New Concepts in Family Finance

III. Characteristics of Different Investment Products

(1) Savings

(2) Insurance

(3) Funds

(4) Bonds

(5) Stocks

(6) Gold

(7) Bank Investment Products

(8) Real Estate

(9) Collections

(10) Foreign Exchange

(11) Trusts

(12) Futures

(13) Industrial Investment

Thinking and Practice