Love, Marriage and Feminism: Chen Wangdao’s Essays on Women’s Issues
Author: Chen Wangdao Uploaded Time: 2017-07-06

This book brings together a series of articles about women's issues which Mr. Chen Wangdao published between the 1920s and 1930s. They investigated economic, life, social, marital and family problems faced by women and discussed ways and methods to solve such problems, which provided advanced ideas, and produced positive social effects at that time. This book not only has the value of inheriting academic heritage and cultural and academic historical documents, but also has practical significance. Mr. Chen Wangdao's concept of love, marriage, family, social view, reproduction view and population view, can have a positive role and serve as a reference for today's social and cultural life and spiritual civilization construction.


My view on love
Introduction to the theory of love
Love and clothing
About a loving relationship
A new life in love

The marriage of machines: the morality of beasts
Education for a wife
Old-fashioned death knell
Difficult marriage and Zhao Ying's death
Remedying the problem of old-fashioned marriage
A brief comment on Chinese marriage
Jesus and divorce