On Regulating Gender-Based Domestic Violence in Civil Law System: Comparisons between Chinese Law and U.S. Law
Author: Qin Zhiyuan Uploaded Time: 2017-07-25

Based on feminist gender theory and comparisons between Chinese and U.S. laws, this book attempts to analyze the occurrence of domestic violence from a gender perspective: (1) Why does domestic violence happen? (2) How should we handle domestic violence based on the private rights of civil law? The author believes that gender-based violence represents an attempt by males to assert dominance over females. As men have long been dominant in private and public life, domestic violence has hitherto been neglected in terms of the law. The author hopes that this book will shed light on how relevant laws can prevent domestic violence and put us on the path towards real gender equality.
Gender Equality Should Be a Part of a Harmonious Marriage
I Research Object and Scope
II Research Status at Home and Abroad 
III Research Ideas and Methods
IV Note
Chapter I Basic Explanation of Domestic Violence
I General Understanding of Violence 
II Expansion of Violence Category 
III Comparison of Chinese and U.S. Laws Concerning Domestic Violence
Legal Provisions against Domestic Violence in China
Legal Provisions against Domestic Violence in the U.S.
Analysis and Thinking
Chapter II Human Rights Basis for Fighting against Domestic Violence
I From Human Rights to Women's Human Rights
(1) The Definition of Human Rights
(2) Human Rights
(3) Putting Forward Women's Human Rights
II Domestic Violence Based on the Issues of Women's Human Rights
(1) The Division of Public and Private: Origin of Domestic Violence Neglected in Terms of Traditional Law
(2) Domestic Violence is Behavior Violating Women's Human Rights Confirmed by the United Nations
Chapter III Gender-Based Domestic Violence and Its Deconstruction
I Gender: An Effective Analysis Category for the Study of Human Rights
(1) Gender Role and Gender
(2) The Role of Gender in Studies of the Law
II The Power of Gender in Marriage
The Attributes of Marital Contracts
Power Relations in Marital Contracts
Gender Analysis of Marriage Rights
III Power and Gender-Based Domestic Violence
Violence and Power
The Utility of the Construction of Gender-Based Domestic Violence – Portrayal of "Self” and “Others"
Chapter IV Values Orientation and Systemic Functions of Laws against Domestic Violence
I Values Orientation of Laws against Domestic Violence
(1) Priority of Justice
(2) Implementation of Justice in Laws against Domestic Violence
II Systemic Functions of Laws against Domestic Violence
The Social Control Function of the Law
Two Functions of the Law against Domestic Violence
Chapter V Comparative Study of Chinese and U.S. Law: Regulations against Domestic Violence in Civil Law
I Theoretical Basis of Domestic Violence as Behavior Infringing on Rights
(1) Illegalities: The Legal Basis of Domestic Violence Deemed an Infringing Behavior 
(2) Discussions in China
Chapter VI Comparative Study of Chinese and U.S. Law: Dealing with Domestic Violence in Civil Law
Chapter VII Suggestions for Perfecting Chinese Civil Law against Domestic Violence