Rugged Plateau: Natural Attributes and Social Extension of Genders
Author: Li Jie Uploaded Time: 2017-08-09


Part I  Extension of Natural Factors in the Role of Gender
Chapter One  Relationship between the Natural Landscape and Roles of Two Genders
One  Outline a world in the earth
Two  The "way of shielding" and the creation of sacred ties
Three  The space "village" 
Four  The difference of role construction in two societies

Chapter Two  Birth: The Origin of Gender Differences 
One  Exchange and balance between a man and the outside world 
Two  The generational change of the ethnic minorities in Southwest China
Three  The alienation of social differences from physiological differences

Part II  Cultural Factors Reflect and Stereotype Gender Differences

Chapter Three  Thin Separation between Sanctity and Impurity
One  Social tensions
Two  Social control and customs of witchcraft
Three  The evolution of customs of witchcraft
Four  Women in the customs of witchcraft

Chapter Four  Differences between Oral Literature and Gender Roles
One  From a female to a mother, and then to a woman
Two  From a natural person to a social person
Three  Groups and relationships between the genders

Chapter Five  Wealth Accumulation and Differences in Gender Roles
One  The essence of the primitive average is scarcity
Two  Social inequality is the result of resource development and wealth accumulation
Three  The pursuit of equality, resource development and wealth accumulation are closely related
Four  Co-dependence of physical form evolution and change of human's self-cognition  

Chapter Six   Diverse Marriage Forms Have An Identical Essence 
One  Reasons for the existence of marriage
Two  Marriage forms of the various nationalities in Southwest China
Three  Order and fetters

Chapter Seven  Clothing is the External Solidification of A Social Role
One  Collective consciousness and individual consciousness
Two  Solidification of traditional costume to a social role
Three  Clothing and gender differences

Chapter Eight  Division of Labor Divides Gender Roles
One  Classification of differences, division of labor and grades
Two  Social evaluation on different labors
Three  The division of labor and social stratification of the ethnic minorities in Southwest China
Four  The structural characteristics of social division of labor
Five  Differences of genders’ roles

Par III  Evolution of Differences between Contemporary Gender Roles 

Chapter Nine  General Effect of Narrowing Social Differences of Gender Roles
One  The relationship between social equality and livelihood
Two  The distribution of resources and people's behavior patterns
Three  The transformation of the livelihood mode deconstructs the role model of gender
Four  Changes in the role of the southwestern ethnic groups