The Middle Zone: Social Gender, Ethnicity and Identity in Southwest China
Author: Shen Haimei Uploaded Time: 2017-08-10


Introduction  Southwest Research under Cultural Centralism
One  Knowledge production of Southwestern Anthropology
Two  Southwestern research under Western cultural centralism
Three  Southwestern research under Chinese cultural centralism
Four  The middle zone

Part One  The Gender Culture Construction System of A Dai Community:  Investigation of Gender in Xishuangbanna Mandi Daile Villages

Introduction   Cultural Construction of Gender

Chapter One  Gender Expression of the Daile People 
One  Daile vocabulary and gender identity
1. Language representation of social gender
2. The construction of social gender with language: Language construction of Daile gender from Bozan
Two  Body and gender identity of Mandi Daile people
1. Daile people's cognition and physical gender
2. Body and gender temperament of Daile people

Chapter Two  Gender-specified Groups: Gendered Daile social ecological system
One  Mandi Daile social gender ecosystem
1. Baby feeding
2. Gender socialization of Daile children
3. School as a social space for gender
4. Puberty of Daile boys and girls
Part Two  Gender in Yi Society: A Case Study from Nanjuluoluopo Yi Village in Yongren County in Yunnan Province
Part Three  Cultural Differences of Haidong and Haixi in Dali: The Inner Boundaries and Gender Expressions of Ethnic Identity amongst the Bai People

Conclusions  Gender Politics of the Nation and Belonging
Reference Materials and Treatises