CWDF Holds Charity Seminar on Childbirth, Parenting in Beijing
Uploaded Time: 2017-01-03

The China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) held a seminar on December 28 in Beijing, to discuss family issues and advice on bringing up kids.

The event was organized in association with the Happy Family Charity Center and a social networking platform for parents,

Around 20 experts from different fields including psychology, nutrition and education gave talks and took part in discussions.

The talks focused on three topics: "A Good State of Mind for 2nd-Child Families: Using Positive Communication at Home", "Advantages of Using Parenting Social Networking Platforms" and "Early Childhood Education".

Zhang Li, director of the Application and Development Department of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the decision to have a second child is something that should always involve the entire family.

Zhang also emphasized the father's role in taking care of his pregnant wife and helping his child make mental preparations for the newly-arriving brother or sister.

Liu Yuanmeng, co-founder of, later introduced two parenting apps in which pregnant women and young moms can learn about pregnancy, child-rearing, family-relationship management, fashion and shopping, as well as get acquainted with other moms.

Ma Xiu, an expert on infant and child psychology, said that people's basic attitudes, behavioral models and personalities are all formed during the first few years of their life, and from interaction with their parents.

Early childhood education is of vital importance to youngsters' growth, Ma added.

Since the project was launched two years ago, organizers have handed out over 2 million free texts in 21 provinces and municipalities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou; organized over 1,400 lectures for would-be mothers in major hospitals; and, held over 10 training sessions for medical workers, reported a spokesperson.

This year, organizers hope to introduce the Children's Healthy Growth Action in kindergartens in major cities across the country to further promote children's healthy development.

(Source: CWDF/Translated and edited by Women of China)