Southeast China's Jiangxi Province Launches Activities to Encourage Women to Read
Uploaded Time: 2017-04-10

The local government of southeast China's Jiangxi Province is going to carry out a one-month-long women's reading activity titled 'Intelligent Women and Happy Families', starting from April 8.

Through a series of 'scholarly family' selections, book recommendations and essay competitions, the event aims to improve women's literary quality and self-cultivation, with a view to encouraging more women to contribute their wisdom and strength to the construction of the beautiful Jiangxi Province.

In regard to the selection of 'scholarly families', the authority requires that candidate families should be harmonious households with a good reading atmosphere, who love reading and subscribe to newspapers and magazines. More than one third of leisure time should spend on reading, actively take part in all sorts of reading activities and lectures, and sharing reading experiences with each other. Family members should also have made remarkable achievements in study, employment and entrepreneurship, significant improvement in moral quality and have played a leading role in various of public reading activities.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)