Should Wage Be a Factor in Dating?
Uploaded Time: 2017-04-10

According to a report released by Southwest Securities, China is experiencing the fourth single tide, with its single population nearing 200 million. One reason, among others, is that women are setting high standards when it comes to choosing partners, especially in first-tier cities. Women in Shenzhen have the highest expectations, with the wage standard set at RMB15,920 ($2,308). What do you think?

tripitaka (Australia)

Overall though, I'd say that would be a cultural difference between China and Australia. In Australia, we are usually financially independent of our parents by the time we are 18. Our parents then concentrate on saving money for their retirement. In China, parents kept supporting kids and end up being poor as a consequence. The kids must then support them in their old age. So in Australia, we are free to choose a partner we love as we don't need to consider the welfare of parents. In China; however, you have to consider the monetary status of a partner, as well as her family. So in China, it is common to marry for money, whereas most Australians marry for love.

JFenix (US)

I have never been money oriented. I'll make my own money. I date only out of love. I don't need anyone's money. I'll live the life of a beggar before I would compromise on this. I want someone in my life because I *want* them there - not because I *need* them financially. I cannot be bought and am damned proud of it!

tomatoach (China)

Money can't buy everything, but it is necessary for the couple living together. Without the material bases in today's society, I believe the true love can't last long because love needs money to nurture and support. So don't talk love if you are a have-not.

jeanzhuo (Japan)

Different people have different choices. If you think love can make you happy, then just earn money with the poor person. If you think money is more important, just marry to the rich man, and then you can do nothing but be a housewife.

victor471842 (China)

It is not a surprise that girlfriends check their boyfriends' financial status before they get married and many would not consider marrying their potential boyfriends because of poor financial status. However marrying a wealthy boyfriend does not mean a successful marriage. It is still important to check how much they fall in love with each other.

kit_chengqi (China)

I don't think money should be a reason to choose a lover. The basic requirement for me is he should love me whole heartedly, and he should be an aspiring man, that is enough. Why money over love? I can earn money too. Why should I ask him to earn a lot under great pressure? No.

china_gal (China)

My family always hoped that I would marry a nice, decent, high-earning guy. Last year, I met someone and have married him, even though he has very little money. If there is money and no love, the relationship is not going to work. Money may disappear eventually so what have you left to love for? If there is not much money but love, you can stick together and perhaps make your money together.

(Source: China Daily)