E China's Grassroots Women's Federation Pilots '5+N' Work Mode
Uploaded Time: 2017-05-05

A grassroots women's federation has taken the lead in pioneering a work model dubbed "5+N" in order to establish closer connections with locals, according to a recent report.

The federation in the village of Tianpeng, in Changshan County, east China's Zhejiang Province, has expanded its group of officials from the basic five executive committee members by specifying "N" – an unlimited number of people – to be responsible for local themed activities.

The five permanent members of the federation are in charge of promoting cultural or sports activities, online initiatives, women's development, rights protection, and family issues.

Meanwhile, another 39 additional officials have been added and already started to work in multiple fields among 23 pilot villages, reported Zhang Xiuzhen, president of the local federation.

Their areas of specialty include online businesses, planning, and garbage sorting, Zhang explained.

This innovative work mode will later be rolled out further across the county, adding a total of 278 members and another 134 female experts after recent local elections, Zhang said.

The pilot villages have finished replacing Women's Representative Conferences with grassroots organizations at the end of last month, when the elections took place, Zhang added.

The grassroots women's federation president also urged local executive committee officials to take turns in radio-broadcasting useful knowledge.

"Everyday news events will feature a variety of themes. For example, topics can include stories from the Looking For the Most Beautiful Family national campaign, medical knowledge about preventing or detecting cancer, and experts' explanations about the law against domestic violence," Zhang explained.

Also, executive committee officials take vantage of new media in establishing online chat groups in order to strengthen connections with local women, Zhang said.

Statistics indicate that a total of 378 such women's online groups have already reached around 8,000 women in the region on the nation's instant-messaging app WeChat.

"Those elected officials are also scheduled to take evaluative assessments every six months," Zhang said.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)