First Media and Women Cross-Sector Forum Kicks Off in Beijing
Uploaded Time: 2017-06-01

China Women's University (CWU), along with RNW Media 'Justice4Her', jointly launched the First Media and Women Cross-Sector Forum in Beijing from May 26-27. 

Professor Liu Liqun, president of the CWU, pointed out at the opening ceremony that women's development cannot happen without the power of media. She explained that women should make great efforts to perfect themselves; however, they should also make good use of the media to influence or change the world in cooperation with the latter. 

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of RNW Media shared her observation with the media in Holland. She emphasized the great importance of the media in social changes and pointed out that gender stereotypes should be avoided in the process of media communication. Furthermore, the media should consciously highlight women's unconventional roles in news reports. 

Julia Broussard, country programme manager of the UN Women China Office, also gave a speech at the forum. She said that gender inequality still exists in current social norms and traditional stereotypes still keep instilling that decayed concept into the younger generations. 

The UN official added that the media provide information for the public. What's more, they should pay attention to the ways and means of conveying the information more critically. She finally pointed out that the media possess great potential to make the world more equal, inclusive, and equitable. 

With regard to the role of female media personnel in promoting gender equality in the world of media, Yu Yan, deputy editor-in-chief of China Women's News, shared her communication strategies with top media officials. She pointed out that those working in the media should have a gender-based IQ and EQ so as to improve their communication ability. 

Another senior official from RNW Media emphasized the importance of female role models in light of her own experience. 

Han He'nan, professor of the Department of Women's Studies, gave a general introduction to CWU's development and achievements in gender studies and teachings. 

A series of topics related to the relationship between women and the media under the new media environment, the advocacy of media and women's topics, and migrant women and the media in the context of social changes, as well as gender issues and women's expression were also discussed at the forum.

The event was presided over by Liu Meng, vice-president of the CWU.

(Source: China Women's University / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)