Final of Her Startup for University Students Kicks Off in Beijing
Uploaded Time: 2017-07-04

The final of the third session of the entrepreneurial competition Her Startup for female university students was held recently at the International University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Peking University.

Titled 'Change for Power', the competitions cover occupational experience, electronic medical treatment, healthy food and beverages, civil drones and six other fields, taking the organizing committee one month to screen out the final outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

According to organizers, the final winning teams will have the chance to take part in entrepreneurial training in east China's city of Hangzhou and the U.S.

Under the leadership of Beijing Women's Federation, as well as the Beijing Women's International Exchange Center, the event was organized by TechBase, a seed accelerator that provides resources and services in business consulting, fundraising and other various professional services for technology-based women entrepreneurs.

Her Startup, a large-scale international women's entrepreneurship competition across China, the U.S., Australia and Southeast Asia, aims to provide a stage for women all over the world to showcase their creativity and strength and promote the development of women's scientific and technological entrepreneurship so as to enhance their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

For the first time, the entrepreneurial competition for female university students was added to Her Startup, providing a new practical platform for Chinese female university students, helping them become familiar with the entrepreneurial environment before graduation and cultivating more talents in this field.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)