Forum on Gender Issues in the Contemporary Chinese Historiography Kicks Off in Tianjin
Uploaded Time: 2017-07-16

A forum titled 'The Second Gender Issues in the Contemporary Chinese Historiography: New Theory, New Perspective and New Analysis" was recently held at Nankai University, north China's Tianjin Municipality.  

Nearly 100 participants from over 60 colleges and universities, research and publishing organizations gathered at the event and discussed topics related to "traditional women's groups and gender cultures", "gender in traditional beliefs and images", "media and gender", "community and gender", "text, life and gender studies", "studies on gender discourse", "revolution, war and gender studies", "studies on gender cultures" and "new theory of gender studies".

The conference, jointly organized by the editorial department of the Collections of Women's Studies and Nankai University, provides a platform for academic exchanges and cooperation, which is an innovative practice in enriching philosophy and social sciences.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)