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Jinling Women's Development Research Center
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-02

  Established in October 1994, Jinling Women's Development Research Center is the first women's research center in Jiangsu Province.

  It is an open academic community geared to the needs of teachers and students at Nanjing Normal University and provides a platform of academic exchange for those who care about women and women's development and engage in women's studies. The center has over 20 members from various majors like sociology, psychology, literature, history, public administration, foreign language, etc.

  The purpose of this center is to improve the academic environment and promote communication of different colleges and the integration of various disciplines, so as to provide a base for newly-emerging female scholars. Moreover, the center aims to establish extensive connections with the academic community, take an active part in academic dialogues in China and abroad and ultimately expand its influence. Female scholars of this community should carry forward the spirit of caring about social events and putting people first in academic activities and demonstrate humanity concerns and innovations in researches, with a view to forming a female academic group characteristic of Jinling (alternative name for Nanjing) and producing influential academic achievements.