Gender and Literature/Art

From the "Siege" of the Female Image of Chinese Watch Three or Four Decades the Survival of a State on Behalf of Women

Li Yabo
Yan'an University
Journal of Anshun University 2009-2

Abstract:"Fortress Besieged" in a few female marriage, family values, even though the external manifestations were varied, but the ultimate end-result is astonishing, is the right man for the society conscious attachment. This article is the author of "Fortress Besieged" in a few female image analysis, through Su Wenwan, MS Bao, Tang Xiaofu and Rou jia, Sun and several other women's social status and background time-oriented society, the twenty century, three, four decades on behalf of the living condition of Chinese women put forward their own views.
Keywords:female image, passive dominance, dependent

Paper type:Published