Gender and Literature/Art

On Cultural Connotation and Esthetic Characteristic Ding Ling's Early Time Novels

Chen Hong
The Healthy Professional Technology Institute of Yan Cheng
Journal of Anshun University 2009-6

Abstract:Ding Ling's early time novel mainly includes "in Darkness", "Suicide Diary" "a Woman" three short story collections, her novels then and from narrated by the intense rebel color passes on the style to become "54" a literature unique scenery line. This article mainly discusses the cultural connotation which and the esthetic characteristic its early novel has, thus know that the Ding Ling early time novel unique "the modernity" the color and right "54 literatures" the contribution which does including feminine literature then.
Keywords:Ding Ling, early novels, cultural connotation, esthetic characteristic

Paper type:Published