Gender and Literature/Art

Individual Differences and Division of the Workforce in the Hani Terrace Agriculture

Shi Hong
Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies, Shandong University
Journal of Honghe University 2016-6

Abstract:There are different levels of individual differences in the workforce of social production, so the division of labor and colla boration is choice of form rationality for the improvement of productivity. There are different forms of division of labour in production a ctivities, especially in agriculture, and the division of labour effectively solves the problem of the workforce differentials. Besides, the divi sion of labor and collaboration tactfully solves the problem of the demand for labour in traditional agriculture society, makes more produ ctive value out of limited workforce, and improves labor efficiency in agriculture. Inspired by < Female Roles in Agricultural Society of Hani Terrace>of Wang Qinghua, this article intend to briefly discuss the other individual differences and division in the workforce of Hani terrace agriculture.
Keywords:terrace agriculture, division of labor, workforce, individual differences

Paper type:Published