Gender and Literature/Art

A Motif Study of Dai, Zhuang, Tay's "Swan Maiden Tale" Stories

Jiang Guifang
School of Southeast Asia& South Asia Languages and Culture
Journal of Honghe University 2016-1

Abstract:Swan Maiden Tale referred to as "Sweater Girl" or "Feathered Fairy" story, was widely circulated throughout the world. It is loved by people for its poetic scenes, beautiful pictures, sublime ideals and devoted love. The Swan Maiden Tale is also widely spread in Dai people living area Yunnan, Zhuang people living area Guangxi of China and North District of Tay in Northern Vietnam. However, due to the changes of history and the evolution of culture, the motif such stories of Dai, Zhuang and Tay have its unique ethnic characteristics. The motifves of Zhuang and Tay's "Swan Maiden Tale "stories have more similarities. The reason is nation's origin, geographical position, nation's integration and border's trade.
Keywords:Swan Maiden Tale,Dai, Zhuang and Tay, motif, unique ethnic characteristics, similarities

Paper type:Published