Gender and Literature/Art

On the Educational Function of Hani's Songs of Crying on Marriage

Jiang Yong, Yang Fumei
Yunnan University of Nationalities
Journal of Honghe University 2016-1

Abstract:The Hani's songs of crying on marriage have rich ideological content. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people of the Hani nationality. It is modeled as a female premarital education and its different content implied the different educational content and educational function. On women's self cognition, it has played a huge role. Hani women are held "wedding" ceremony in marriage. The wedding song of filial gratitude on the women's education, absolute obedience to the education and help them to understand their own and other social roles. However, there are many unreasonable contents in Hani songs. It is worthy to criticism.
Keywords:Hani nationality, the songs of crying on marriage, educational function, criticism

Paper type:Published