Gender and Literature/Art

Edna's Ethical Tragedy: The Awakening from the Ethical Perspective

Hao Yan
Department of Foreign Languages, Bengbu University
Journal of Honghe University 2016-4

Abstract:The Awakening is a milestone in American female literature. To criticize it from the perspective of ethical literary criticism provides a new perspective to reevaluate its literary value. Under the persecution of patriarchal and capitalist ethics, the heroine Edna is trapped in the ethical dilemma, undergoing a journey of the heart "rebellion-obedience-struggle-transcendence", and finally realizes the transcendence of the "self" in suicide. Thus, The Awakening is an ethical tragedy, in which Chopin consciously explores how American women in the 19 th century constructed ethical order.
Keywords:The Awakening, Edna, Patriarchal ethics, Capitalist ethics

Paper type:Published