Gender and Literature/Art

The Female Festival of Hui Muslim and Its Meaning of Gender

Wang Liu
Ningxia Training Center for University Teachers, Ningxia University
Journal of Honghe University 2016-4

Abstract:Hui culture in mainstream society often marginalized, while women are always is in the traditional thoughts of the people with respect to the male "weak", so it is necessary for Muslim women of this special social group pay attention to and study. The Hui women's festival, fatumai section as the research object and the research breakthrough point, experienced the process, from the perspective of Anthropology of festival, ritual of observation and in-depth analysis, conducts the analysis research to the festival of the gender division of labor, position of the two sexes and two gender relationship gender concept, and puts forward some suggestions for the construction of two kinds of harmonious gender relations.
Keywords:Fatimah Festival, Hui nationality, Gender, Female

Paper type:Published