Gender and Literature/Art

The Translation of Li Qingzhao's Tz'u into English: A Descriptive Study

Zou Fengxia
College of Foreign Languages, Central China Normal University
Journal of Honghe University 2015-4

Abstract:Being the most renowned woman poet in Chinese history, Li Qingzhao and her Tz'u in the English world have been studied by many scholars both home and abroad with a coverage of more than eighty years. From the perspective of descriptive translation studies, this paper divides the translating history of Li Qingzhao's Tz'u into three periods, making a diachronic descriptive analysis of its actualities of selected and complete English versions, the features and acceptance of the versions, the translation methods, the social background of different periods, which attaches great significance to further research of the translation and introduction of Li Qingzhao's Tz'u to the English world.
Keywords:Li Qingzhao's Tz'u, English translation, descriptive translation study, three periods

Paper type:Published