Gender and Literature/Art

Solitariness in Life, Transcendence Beyond Constraints -- On Kate Chopin's Solitary Sense

Hao Yan
Foreign Languages Department, Bengbu College
Journal of Honghe University 2015-4

Abstract:As an emotional experience, solitary sense is a literary motif worth Anhui exploring consistently. Kate Chopin and the female characters in her works have an intense solitary sense which is originated from the traumatic experiences during their childhood. Being imprisoned in the family is their usual living circumstances, but the awakening of their sense of female subjectivity led them to discard resolutely traditional social morals, and pursue love and freedom persistently. Denied by the patriarchal society for their behaviors and kept away from the social life, they went through a hard struggle. Solitary sense is a cause for their pain and sense of alienation, but meanwhile a strategy for them to construct female subjectivity.
Keywords:Kate Chopin, patriarchal society, female subjectivity, solitary sense

Paper type:Published