Gender and Literature/Art

The Research of Miao's Dowry and Its Social Function in Bajiaoqing Village Fumin County

Dong Xinchao
Cultural Industry Institute of Yunnan University
Yang Liyun
Center For Studies of Ethnic Minorities in Northwest China of Lanzhou Universit
Journal of Honghe University 2014-1

Abstract:As an asymmetric gift, Miao's dowry is more than bride-price becomes a special phenomenon, which is ubiquitous in Bajiaoqing village. On the basis of specific inquiry, author will from dowry's effect, operation mechanism and social relevance to analyze the datum. First, in the aspect of economy, dowry has a mutual assistance effect. This is manifested in financial aid to a new family, daughter to bride's family property inheritance, the reciprocity between bride's family and daughter. Second, Miao's dowry has its own operation mechanism and social relevance, which reflect in marriage system and relatives' support, identity construction and female status security, community's construction and reproduction. After the above all aspects' analysis, the social function of Miao's dowry will be highlighted.
Keywords:Bajiaoqing village, Miao's dowry, reciprocity, affinity, social function

Paper type:Published