Gender and Literature/Art

The Mysticism of Culture in Beauty Appreciation

Zhao Qipeng
Shandong Normal University, Jinan Shandong

Abstract:Since dawn of 20 thcentury,"war"and "love"became important motifs in modern Chinese culture and society under the national and historical crisis. Love Narratives in the War Novels of Contemporary China( 1949 ~ 1979) by Zhao Qipeng focuses on the love narratives in war novels of the three decades,and exploits the goldmine effectively. The writing of this book is based on attentive reading of abundant contemporary war novels,which enables the writer to probe into the complicated battle of cultural and historical powers,and to discover the typical narrative models and writing devices. This book elaborates not only the entanglements between individual life and national advance,between women liberation and the country’s modernization,but their cultural significance,political impact and aesthetic value. Then it moves on to assess and reflect on the influence and impact of social context,conventions and ideology. This is a systematic study of the narrative structure in contemporary Chinese war novels.
Keywords:contemporary literature, war novels, love narrative, modernity

Paper type:Working Papers