Gender and Literature/Art

Analysis on Xiao Hong’s Literary Career

Ji Hongzhen
Shenyang Normal University

Abstract:Suffering the tribulation of destiny, Xiao Hong has trudged forward through a dislocated and turbulent history.With the fundamental standpoint of the nation,and influenced by the Left-Wing ideology, she depicts the defeats,changes and struggles in the ravage of modernity from the perspective of the ordinary people, thus becoming one of the great thinkers in mankind's most avant-garde trend in culture and art. She lays bare all sorts of hardships and distresses of life embodied in the taboos of various discourses from the perspective of political culture.In her stories, people survive in the crevice of society, which reflects the conflicts between new culture and the old one,exile being the basic mode,and disorder prevailing in space and time.Bearing women's experience in mind,she discerns the original woe of life with fertility and mortality as the basic motif of her novels. In the macro-life system of man and nature,she builds up her own meaning system with a symbolic spiritual mode.In the system, close inquiry becomes the fundamental sentence pattern for semantic generation, accommodating man's eternal dream of going home. And her ethic poetics of Sein zum Tode(being-toward-death) has made outstanding contributions to the modern transformation of Chinese writing.
Keywords:Xiaohong's literature, basic metaphor, image

Paper type:Working Papers