Gender and Literature/Art

Female University Students Physique and Health Promotion Researchand Practice

Fan Liying
Dalian Ocean University
Journal of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities(Natural Sciences) 2013-5

Abstract:Based on college student constitution health tracking analysis of the test results and the questionnaire, physical education in Colleges and universities is still dominated by imparting professional project technology and tactics, when the big three, big four have no sports class, students had better physical condition almost down to the level of a school. Not really aware of the importance of physical exercise on human life health; lack of self-consciousness, self fitness consciousness and habits are now most women regret. In order to compensate for the lack of physical education, and absorption of the medicine, psychology, physiology, nutrition, exercise and so on high-end quality of life and cultural knowledge education for them is extremely urgent. This requires making full use of human anatomy, physiology, physical education teachers in Colleges and universities with science, psychology, medicine and other comprehensive knowledge, opened a girls comprehensive health curriculum theory, so that they understand and establish good and stable physical fitness and exercise habits, for the future of life, education of future generations, improve the knowledge level to improve the whole family the cultural level of the Chinese nation as the most useful task preparation.
Keywords:Female college students, Physique and health, Evalnation research

Paper type:Published