Gender and Literature/Art

On the Women's Football Competition in China's Sustainable Development

Liu Mingsheng
College of Physical Education, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities
Journal of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities(Natural Sciences) 2011-2

Abstract:China's current lack of women's soccer have the technical capacity to control resources, the environment, the lack of advanced soccer concepts and advanced technology and self-innovation capability, and lack of external to internal conversion from the"endogenous development"the driving force. The limitations of the traditional development model is the concept of restricting the development of women's soccer fundamental factors change. Contemporary concept of sustainable development from the start, the Chinese women's soccer competition to gain from the sustainable development of useful lessons. One is the Chinese women's football competition on sustainable development, and the other is China's main competitive women's soccer continued to enhance the development potential.
Keywords:The Chinese women's soccer competition, Sustainable development, Concept

Paper type:Published