Gender and Literature/Art

A Trickster' Signifying on Gender and Race Essentialism——Reading Ishmael Reed's Reckless Eyeballing

Lin Yuqing
China University of Political Science and Law
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2014-10

Abstract:Ishmael Reed has come under criticism because of his critique on the white middle-class feminist movement, so his works are easily misinterpreted by scholars and readers alike. By analyzing Reckless Eyeballing, his most controversial novel, this essay reviews African American male stereotype and essentialism in feminist movement, to illustrate Reed's application of black tricksters' signifying in deconstructing essentialism, thus to further explicate Reed's political stance on gender and racial issues.
Keywords:Ishmael Reed, Reckless Eyeballing, signifying, gender, race essentialism

Paper type:Published