Gender and Literature/Art

Violence, Eros and Writing: Body Politics in Color Purple

Liu Bin
Foreigh Languanges' Department of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2014-2

Abstract:This paper aims to demonstrate a strong awareness of body politics in Alice Walker's highly acclaimed novel, Color Purple after textual and theoretical close-reading. This novel not only reveals the stark truth of how black women's bodies have been mutilated, but also demonstrates three kinds of strategies of constructing gender identity by means of eros, voilence and writing, respectively represented by Shug, Sophia and Celie. Among these strategies of body protest, Celie's writings, the cultural encoding of the black women's claim and resistance, is the most effective and appropriate way for female blacks to construct their identities. This paper, as the product of "the turn of the politics" in literary thoery, will bring enlightenment to those women who are still exploring their gender identity.
Keywords:writing, eros, violence, body politics, gender identity, Color Purple

Paper type:Published