Gender and Literature/Art

Research on Leisure Constraints of Males in China

Li Xinjian, Zhang Feifei, Hua Yun
Beijing International Studies University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2014-5

Abstract:It is widely accepted that women are overall more constrained in their leisure than men, frequent research on leisure constraints of females has been conducted, while leisure conditions and constraints of men are ignored. This paper focuses on men's leisure conditions and constraints, based on the questionnaires and data about civil leisure condition jointly carried out by China's Tourism Economy Research Center and Netease company. According to analysis by SPSS, we can conclude that(1)there is no significant difference between men's leisure satisfaction and that of women, and their satisfaction is at low level;(2)time, income, convenience of leisure place are the main factors accounting for leisure constraints of males;(3)variability can be found among men in terms of age, occupation, education, income, and residence;(4)signifi cant differences among men in terms of entertainment activities and cultural activities in satisfaction, library and museum are in abundance. These fi ndings can help government and enterprises to have a better understanding of the conditions of men's leisure and its constraints, in addition, serve as reference in making effective policies to eliminate the constraints and improve men's leisure quality.
Keywords:leisure, leisure satisfaction, leisure constraints, leisure quality

Paper type:Published