Gender and Literature/Art

Latent Class Analysis on Leisure Behavior of Urban Residents from the Gender Perspective: An Empirical Research Based on CGSS2006

Zhu Shihui
College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2014-5

Abstract:Leisure is the activity that people volunteer to participate to free themselves from pressures outside. Leisure is not only the indispensable part in urban residents' normal life, but also the focus of researchers' attention. This paper, based on the statistics in China General Social Survey in 2006(CGSS2006), classifi ed urban residents into six categories based on their participation frequency in leisure activities. Although these categories of male and female are quite similar, the total leisure frequency of female urban residents are lower than male urban residents. The leisure activities for female are studied in the light of low frequency, press and music preferred, traditional, high frequency type, and home staying type. On the whole, women urban residents participated less in leisure activities and prefer the participation at home. Meanwhile, from the result of multinomial logistic regression, those women urban residents who are younger, highly educated, out of work, and happier in their life, participate more in leisure activities.
Keywords:urban residents, gender differences, latent class analysis, women's leisure

Paper type:Published